Van Morrison - What's It Gonna Take - Signed Print (or stamped?)*/Van-Morrison-Signed-Exclusive/?vvsa_consumer_id=32749404

Sorry I didn't see this one elsewhere if it is already up. Remember what happened last time. Order at your own risk.

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To be clear, is that what came with new album or one from your collection?

So checking eBay, looks like this is the print that comes with new album. Sigs on eBay look different enough to suggest being hand-signed, unless some autopen tricks involved. 

yeah The ones I seen on ebay look look like real signatures But not that he signed them himself 

This reminds me of the appearance of some of Gilmour's screened signatures and other fairly advanced preprints. I still have one sent to me by his PA in 2012 assuring it me was indeed handsigned. It was from a batch he had made in 1994 or so.

So, what ended up being the final verdict on these? Secretarial fraud, then, was it?

People said they’d be autopen when first listed. Then they came out and were clearly not autopen. People then suggested that they were not signed by him. 

I get that some people were burned last time with the autopens but perhaps these are real. Haven’t seen any convincing evidence otherwise. 

Matt, thanks for your reply on this the other day.

Time had got away from me--what else is new!--and only just before making that post here on the 23rd, I'd realized I was down to the very last of my 30 days of free storage with my forwarding service. I had to make a final call ASAP re either asking those folks just to send the Morrison back where it came from for a refund, or else have them go ahead and get it moving in this direction.

So your speed was awesome.

Since neither of us had managed to uncover anything definitive on these yet, and given that it's a record I was interested in getting hold of at some point anyway, I thought, Yeah, what the hell? let's spin the wheel, see what kind of hard info might turn up down the road.

Lol I hear you…I was planning to abandon it with the forwarding service too but once I saw they looked somewhat promising, I decided to have it sent on to me. 

Totally get people’s skepticism based on the last go around and how it was handled…and I’m especially skeptical these days with all the autopens going around. But lots of folks seemed willing to give Ozzy a second chance and I felt it was worth a shot here. 

I’m by no means an expert on his sig but what I received appears to be hand signed…whether by Van? Looks like his sig per examples but would be fairly easy to forge. Anyway, I’m open to any hard evidence that they’re questionable, I’d definitely want to know. 

Edit: The fact that they’re still available seems troubling but perhaps due to lots of folks staying away.



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