Various six Elvis Autographs from the same ebay seller. What do you all think? Thank you all.

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It’s hard to authentic Elvis Presley especially being just one autograph by itself not like a group or a band where there’s more than one member it’ll be hard to replicate say the Beatles or Fleetwood Mac and get them all correct but with Elvis being alone somebody might have mastered his autograph to the point where you can’t tell the difference between a legit one and that as put me off from buying a Elvis

With a dedication for me is more easy... and you can study the evolution of the signature of Elvis in the years... i had see Beatles autographs  perfect fake and are four autographs... this is not a rule, many autographs real and one fake...

According to this discussions this here appears to be a Lamar??

Hi Thorsten, I think you‘re right. 100 % not signed by Elvis. 

I have seen a lot of those things signed on the back of an original photo... We all know that Elvis held autograph sessions outside Goethestraße - this would mean that a lot of photos were given inside the house and were brought out signed (by his gang)....

Comparing with the autographs in the "Private Elvis" book they def. look different.

Keine Beschreibung verfügbar.

this card seems good

Jailhouse Rock card seems like a Hans special to me.  Has all his traits

According to all this discussions it seems there is no original Elvis from Germany... But they are.

A friend of mine  - years ago - sold around 50 autographs on all kind of items - from a boy who was on a childs cure in 1959 in Bad Nauheim and the hospital was very near Goethestrasse and they went every day for weeks...

The Jailhouse rock has a quick opinion by Epperson!

What was the quick opinion? 



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