Verified Autographs LLC, AZ. Have anyone here dealt with the outfit??

My colleagues just bought 2 signed basketballs by Jeremy Lin from Verified Autographs LLC in Arizona. They bought it online with the COA issued by Verified Autographs LLC.

Any feedback or opinions on this outfit would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


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Looks like they are legit

I stand by the concerns I had about this seller from the previous thread.  If I was looking for an authentic Aaron Rodgers autograph, I would start elsewhere - even though they would appear to have the best prices.  The autographs in the photos look 100% legit.  I'm not convinced that's what you actually get, and I hardly feel like dropping $100+ to find out.

I could be wrong for sure, but I don't understand how they are able to beat everyone's prices so easily.  Until they explain themselves, I can't regard them as anything more than extremely questionable.  Several months ago, I recall that the prices on Rodgers items were so low that they made NO SENSE in comparison to every signing he's had since SB 45.

If someone could post some actual items from VA, not just the stock photos on the website, perhaps that would be more helpful.

please check out the my photo and let me know what you think. it's also from VA

Verified Autographs sold me a few signed helmets and all have been authentic thus far passing PSA authentication and one came with a photograph of the player singing as well. I am batting 1000 with Verified Autographs. All of the items that I have came with a satisfaction guarantee that never expires which I thought was cool and the ebay like prices were rather fair as well. VA is Legit as previously stated in this post.

Go Patriots!

Sweet. Looks like the company signed up JUST to lie. Nothing says legit like a liar selling forgeries, 

Update! The 2 signed Jeremy Lin balls with Verified Autographs LLC COA did not pass PSA/DNA authentication. My colleagues were able to get their money back including the PSA/DNA fee from the person they bought the balls from on Amazon.


Wow. I'm having my item from VA authenticated by JSA Friday so at least I won't totally be shocked if it doesn't pass. Good to know Amazon refunded you. Thanks for the update! Did they also refund the authentication fees?

Both RG3 and Lin have terrible autographs that vary on a daily basis. Lin has like 5 signatures and RG3 has about a half dozen sloppy/lazy variations. You need a signing photo or you have to really know a players signature. If JSA pr PSA isnt sure they will cry out "FAKE" when they weren't around at he signing.

Take a look at this RG3 Signed Mini that is JSA Authenticated. It looks like trash but people will buy it because of the JSA sticker I guess.  Third Party Authenticator means that they were not there when the item was signed so they will guess and make you believe. JSA and PSA do good work but they are not always better than witnessing an autograph or getting a signing photo because an educated guess is still a guess.

If you believe in your autograph then embrace it. If you don't then ask for a refund from the seller and buy an autograph that you feel absolutely comfortable with. I'm sure every person would like to feel comfortable with an investment before they invest. Simple..... I have a large autograph collection with JSA, UDA, PSA and even a few that are VA Authenticated. I don't care about those companies. I study the signatures and pick what looks consistent and legit to me. Verified Autographs is a good looking company with nice items but I would buy from Panini or Upper Deck directly as you would cut out all middle men but you will likely spend more. Good Luck Collecting.


Just stumbled upon this stinker from Verified Autographs.

Nice proof pics.  The Favre pic looks like it was taken in maybe 2004.  The Rodgers pic portrays a signing soon after the Super Bowl when 1) I seriously doubt many people were sending in tons of Favre items and 2) he didn't add "12" to any of his signatures.

And really - between a Rodgers signing where JSA was on site, and Favre/Starr signings that would have almost inevitably included the respective #4 and Tristar holograms, this helmet has NONE of that authentication?  I'm not sure you could get away with that even if you demanded it.   Please.  I don't care if this is close, something really stinks about this company.

Verified Autographs is amazing according to what I have bought from them. I have attached a photograph of everything that I have purchased from Verified Autographs which are all amazing....... All of the items are authentic without question. In my opinion, VA's only problem was their authentication service as they claim on this page on their site that they discontinued the authentication service in 2012 because the dealers were submitting tons of forged autographs and they didn't want their brand tarnished. Take a look at the link. . Here is a photo of my autographs that I purchased directly from VA's site over the last year. Pretty Impressive to everyone that I know. All of the items came with a guarantee that does not expire. 


When you ordered from VA how long did it take ? I placed an order and didnt receive any reply back yet, but its only been 1 day --- should I be worried about it ?



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