Vintage Subscriptions. Authentic? (Leonardo dicaprio, benício del toro, will smith...)



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Here's a real Del Toro from 2001 that I have in my personal collection.

I've also seen lots of legit Will Smith autographs and the ones in your images look all kinds of wrong. 

Thanks for writing Mike. My concern is that these magazines were supposedly subscribed to in the 80's, so I don't have any references other than recent subscriptions. About Benício, it could be that in the past he signed DEL with his signature (something you showed me that in his most recent signature it doesn't exist).
In fact, one of these journals is authenticated by the JSA (supposedly signed in 1986) and the other is in Brazil (with a person who asked me for help) with a rather bogus Certificate of Authenticity. Even so, I don't know if at least one or none is authentic!

I'm admittedly no expert and have been wrong before, but the "Del Toro" seems atypical. 

Google "benicio del toro autograph psa" and see what comes up. His sig has changed a bit in more recent examples, but the way he signs the last name almost always looks like mine does.

Thanks again Friend !! :)

I will study one by one.



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