hello guys, I know what you think of the site Rockaway records and vintagevinyl site? in their sites have very nice things but are not affiliated to any UACC AFTAL association or other, according to you, cie be trusted? has anyone ever bought from them? vintagevinyl also a disc of new york dolls signed by the entire band including johnny thunders but I do not know whether to trust or not, I would like an opinion thanks to all

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I've been doing business with Rockaway Records for 25+ years. I trust them 100%.

I have purchased multiple things from Rockaway Records. I also trust them, and Frank Caiazzo one of the top Beatles authenticators also authenticate for them. They can be a little overpriced on some things though.

Would this Ebay site be a safe place to buy from?


u can trust them

Thank you for the reply Marc


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