Special Auction Services but I like it - especially seeing that the boys werr sharing rooms in 1963! Link to auction below and jpg attached.


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love it really nice

Just above the horizontal fold line you'll find the signatures of Gerard Marsden...his brother Frederick and two of their workmates.

Known collectively as Gerry and the Pacemakers...


Great piece!! with historic significance.  

I've seen this before...

Obviously it would be even more appealing if "fresh to market". Any idea where and when it surfaced before?

It is actually quite surprising that there aren't more hotel register/visitor book pages like this. The Beatles must have signed quite a few over the years.

This is really a nice piece.

I am a big Gerry and the Pacemakers fan...

I notice that both Gerry and older brother Fred have written their addresses as 8 Menzies St. Liverpool.

That is their parents residence so they were both living at home at the time.

Can someone with more Beatles knowledge than me confirm that the Beatles addresses listed here are also with "mom and dad"??

Makes this a very early piece yes??

I can confirm that all of The Beatles listed addresses are correct for that time period. 

John's has certainly given his mother's address and I'm pretty sure Paul has too. Don't know about the other two but pretty sure George would not have already moved away from mum and dad given his age at the time.

All listed addresses are parents home addresses. All of The Beatles still lived at home.



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