I will be the first to admit that Star Wars is about as "modern" as I get with entertainment. But, I have been hit by the bug to collect autographs related to one of my favorite shows and comic books, The Walking Dead.

Show us what you got. Please be sure to label photos clearly to avoid confusion, i.e., if it's verified authentic, unknown, suspect or a known fake, please be sure to clearly state it.

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Looks like I'm accompanying my sister to Walker Stalker in Chicago in a few weeks. I know zero about the show, but, hell, it's free.

Hit me up first of this week and we can discuss.  I have been to 6 Walker Stalkers :)


She's a bit bummed about the lack of heavy hitters (Reedus, Lincoln, Yeun, Coehn, etc), but it looks like they have a lot of other characters.

At Walker Stalker con in Chicago. Haven't even gotten our tickets yet. Just miserable command and control over the lines and queuing in general

Cattle call! ;-)

These conventions blow my mind. I'd love an explanation of the business model. All free volunteers and no real employees? I'm thinking that someone at the top is making a killing on this.

The volunteers who were there seems to have been instructed only to yell at people who wanted to take photos. Everything there was secondary, if it was even addressed at all in whatever training they got. There were no real queues, so the lines that formed, especially for the more popular guests, were an automatic mess.

I can't complain too much since it was free, but if I was a fan and I paid for it, it'd be a different story.



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