If there is anyone out there who has one, please let me know. They are becoming tough to find as many who have one are not selling them. (which I totally understand).

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I'm not mad at all about it. I was speaking directly with Jared about autographs. Was pretty civil. We both have our opinions.

Not sure what you feel you've added here. I am living. I don't need your approval if what that is. Do appreciate the concern. What's your issues on AML? On one thread you talk about JSA failing your items but approving the same things for a dealer who brought them in to do an office viewing yet your on this thread pounding on the JSA drum like your part owner.

Everything ive said I've stuck my real name on. Not hiding under a made up name. I know questioning JSA on here is not always popular. I just don't let them determine my opinion. I do that on my own. That's half the fun of the hobby. Some folks care about certificates and that's fine. I care more about the autograph. No biggie.
Thank you for the kind words about our site. We have worked hard to build a quality auction site for every level of collector. Open discussions like this one are healthy as long as they are approached the right way. This is a great site! It's ok to disagree.
Rick, I know this is an old thread but you seem to know a lot about Tillman autographs. Any chance this is good?
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Jeff, no chance that this Tillman autograph is authentic. I saw it on EBAY already. Right now there are 15 signatures on EBAY. 7(2-PSA)are good and 5(2-JSA and 1-PSA) are bad. There are three (1-PSA)that could go either way because not consistent with usual signings or I have a question about the item it's on which raises red flags to me.

Mill Creek Sports I believe has a slabbed index card.  www.millcreeksports.com.  The IC is $1895 and they also have a signed Cardinals 2001 team signed ball for $ 1495.

Both of those are good Tillman sigs. Those are the two PSA got right. Just way overpriced. Can find them half that price without the PSA sticker. Why pay that PSA premium when PSA only gets about half of them right anyway?

Hi, I have one on a hat signed along with other plyers coaching staff from training camp 2000 i believe


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