Hi, any Wahrhol experts on here? I need opinions on those 3 please!


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Here is my 1976:

Nice! but very different to the ones i posted… so probably not genuine... 

You don't think mine is genuine?

No! Sorry missunderstanding… i meant mine are probably not genuine!!!

These three are all fine Chris!

Here are a couple of mine for reference.

Ok you sure? Cool thanks! 
may i ask how much i should pay for one? 

What have you been offered for each?

Nothing yet. They are auctioned. I just would like to know how far i should go without making myself a complete idiot for overpaying :-)

Depending on size, I expect these to be estimate £300-£500. Are they post card size?

Hi Richard, what please would your estimate be on my matted item? Each square is 4" - image is to scale. Envelope March 1976 with letter (not any Any content). I love the "Do Not Bend" stamp ;) Mapplethorpe's portrait is ghostly.

Hi Eric - Yours is a fuller signature and that is a great striking photo. I’d estimate about the same or possibly more my friend to the £500. Warhol’s signature and prices are all over the place. But, the Jagger screen print items seem to always be popular.

I have a few sketch doodles with signatures and they always command higher prices.

Thank you Richard :)




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