California eBay seller with two Elvis Presley items that are clearly bogus. 

It was suggested to him his items were bogus but got nowhere.

As of this posting his items remain on eBay and he says he's confident they are real. 

Both come with Toby Stoffa & Stephen Rocchi/GFA letters/certs

Both purchased at Ms Stoffa's shop in Vegas

That's what I know  

His items are presented below. What's a man to do?

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wow Elvis had a lot of time on his hands

Stephen Rocchi and Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators:

Scam or Total Incompetence?

All of the above, Chris.

When I first joined AML, I had recently purchased autographs from an eBay seller.  It was the same seller who sold me the Robert De Niro autograph that members had just informed me was a forgery.  I contacted the seller, and expressed my concerns about the recently purchased items.  They immediately refunded my money, and asked me to ship the items back to them.  Sound familiar?


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