I forgot to ask about the supply of John Williams autographs on Star Wars-related items, both single-signed and also as part of cast-signed Star Wars items. In particular, I'm interested in getting an idea of how many cast-signed items he may have signed.

To me, John Williams is one of the most desirable Star Wars autographs to have. He is an iconic composer, and his musical scores have enhanced all of our enjoyment of many movies. I know his opening score for Star Wars is now considered the most iconic and recognizable in all of film. Where would we be without his masterpiece? It's incredible to think that he has the second most Academy Award nominations of all-time, second only to Walt Disney.

Pete, I remember you said that he has been doing a whole lot of refusing lately for in-person autograph requests. I'm guessing he probably didn't do shows or celebrations...or private signings? So does he tend to be a bit more rare, especially on multi-signed items?

Thanks in advance.

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I see anywhere from 300-500 pieces. When you say Harrison raised his prices quite a bit, what do you mean? What does a private signing cost with him about $10,000-$15,000?

I've never met Harrison and I've never gotten him. I have several pieces I would love for him to sign. Harrison is what I like to call part of the big FIVE: Harrison Ford, Frank Oz, James Earl Jones, John Williams and George Lucas.  If I could get the big five on my 3 OT posters, lobby cards and photos I'd be done with SW.

Harrison's price per autograph is likely at least $500. I don't know what kind of fee is involved with setting up a signing through his agent or office but it is likely 10-15%. He doesn't do conventions or make any paid appearances for signings so the additional travel cost, hotels and per diem doesn't get added to that. 

So at the very least, your numbers need an extra 0.

If his minimum is now 500 pieces, a signing will be $250,000 plus fees.     

Nice money for an hour or two. I know somebody who is being paid to stalk Williams to get him on a "clients" beloved Star Wars poster. He is paying him VERY well to get him!

Yes, it is!

I did not know this. I really underestimated this.



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