Looking to pick this up from a fellow member, and it looks good to me, circa 80's/90's maybe, I think? But what do I know? Doesn't come with authentication, but was told someone at Tracks looked at it and gave a thumbs up. But I'll defer to all your much more expert opinions than this here amateur! Thanks all!

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Hi Jason, I gave some reasons for my views. Here is the link to what I think is a rushed George.


Personally, I would not want to spend a lot on something that opinions are divided upon, even if one authenticator says it is OK. This would particularly apply where the authenticator's opinion is only a "$15 quickie" based on an emailed image of the item. 

Imo looks fantastic signature from the 80s era.done business with Richard many times...trust him implicitly he knows his stuff..
Thank you Mark, much appreciated.
I say no.
Hi All,

Just wanted to add some additional information.

I am the person who is selling this George Harrison card, which I have had in my collection for over 18/19 years. I have over 4,800 autographs in my collection and hope that I have a good eye for genuine items, especially those I wish to sell.

I have no problem with this signature at all.

Jason at Tracks has seen this and has no problem with it and has emailed me again today to say it is authentic in his valued opinion.

I know it has received mixed reactions here and everyone is entitled to their valuable views also. This I welcome very much indeed.

All I can say is, I have no problem with this, a lot of people deem it authentic and Tracks have given it the thumbs up also.

I will leave Jason to make his decision if he wishes to purchase or not, no problems at all.

Sincere best wishes as always,


Richard, you are a highly regarded contributor to this site.  This is not about you or your integrity, of course.  It's merely about sharing opinions on a non-typical George signature.  I am likely more cynical than most, so I base my opinions on my own knowledge of the specific signature, trying to take into account possible eccentricities in the signature.  Having Frank or Tracks or Perry put a thumbs up on a given signature is comforting for sure, and 99% of the time I agree. In this, I don't but as others have mentioned, as long as you are happy with it as the owner, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

At the end of the day you just have to trust your own judgement and back this up with enough homework. If an item has provenance that obviously helps but then you need to weigh up how plausible the provenance is, both in terms of the facts and the person giving you those facts.

Obviously authentication by an acknowledged expert is very likely to make you more comfortable more quickly (and vice versa - big time!) but blind faith is a dangerous thing. Bind faith becomes even more dangerous where the person authenticating an item is trying to sell it to you for big bucks, though the expert will also have his or her reputation to protect.

I admire Richard a lot for the openess and honesty of his post. I'm still not keen on the George but I suspect Richard has probably held a lot more authentic Beatles autographs in his hand than I have and Jason most certainly has.   


Thank you 'a pug called eva' for your words and I agree wholeheartedly.

well said

An interesting discussion. I must admit when I first looked at the signature I did not think it was genuine. For a supposedly rushed signature it doesn't look that rushed to me more calculated. I respect all the opinions in this thread and would simply say with so many different opinions it wouldn't be for me. Having said that if a person is comfortable with the item then that is all that matters. Until you decide to sell it then the process begins anew. Getting or having an LOA from Frank or Tracks makes these discussions much easier.
Agreed fab432.

I must say, I have never thought this was a rushed example at all. To me, it is a good clear example, signed when George was not rushed at all.

Having dealt with Richard I would have no problem buying this from him he's on this forum all the time unlike some who join to make a quick  buck if you don't buy it I will!!



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