What day did the music die?

For Don Maclean, it was Feb. 3, 1959, when Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens died in a plane crash.

For me, it was Sept. 3, 1973, when Jim Croce died, in a plane crash as well.

What day did the music die for you?

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I have a few, for me music died with Kurt Cobaine 5th Apr 94 ,  Bob Marley 11th May 81

Whitney 11th Feb 2012 and Amy Whinehouse 23rd July 2011 as you can see i have a varied music taste lol 

I'm sure it was a phrase before Don McLean coined it in song.

For me, it was the forming of the "27 Club." Musicians dying at 27 -- all within a year -- Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix (Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain would be later members of it). Robert Johnson was the first in it.

The bass player from Status Quo died today. Alan Lancaster, my partner is quite upset, he loves the Quo.

Me, David Bowie was a shocker and both the Gibb Bros.  I too love Badfinger and that band had a tragic career, but stunning songs. 

Hard to believe Whitney, Michael Jackson and George Michael are gone.

Just to add another great loss:  Stevie Ray Vaughan.

It never died. Music did still alive and well. Stop dwelling on relics of the past. 

I beg to differ. Call this stuff today music?

21.01.2009, with the passing of John Martyn, pretty much the composer of the soundtrack to the majority of my adult life.

To put this into context - in this environment - I spent a fair few hours in his company, propped against various bars, and it never occurred to me once to ask for his autograph on a beer mat or album cover. It just didn't occur to me and I don't regret that to this day. I am probably one of very few people to own a copy of his Live at Leeds album which isn't signed, lol - just bad luck but I didn't know at the time and don't really care now, (although if anyone here has one.......).

And in case any of you in the USA are wondering - who the heck is John Martyn and why would we give a damn? All I can say is that if Dave Gilmour is willing to turn up to play second fiddle, then you should get to know him.

I defy anyone to listen to this just before going to sleep and not wake up with a new perspective on life and music


One of these days would be 7.7.06 when Syd Barrett learned to fly to the greater gig in the sky and shine on forever.


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