I am collecting autographs for nearly seven years, mostly astronauts and my fav music bands. One of my first autographs in the beginning times was a clear signed Photo of Johnson/Thomas (Miami Vice), which I ordered from a US Dealer. Now with some experiences, it is clear, that it is a total fake with no chance to get the money back. What do you do with your fake autographs? Destroy them or keeping them near the real ones? 

Tobi (from Germany)

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If you like the picture you can write "Fake" on the back. Serves the same purpose.

I had a baseball fake from my beginning days of collecting in the early 90s. I discovered it was bad 20 years ago, but I kept it as a reminder that everyone starts somewhere and to always be humble. 

The one day I took it to the range and shot it with a .357. That was fun.

Or this is the recommended procedure for photographs.

Thanks Steve. I think my problem is that my dad was a very indiscriminate collector; if something was signed he bought it, catalogued it and filed it without ever properly checking authenticity! So now it's up to my sister and I to wade through it all.

This is not uncommon. It's possible he simply trusted dealer(s) who were supposedly reputable and maybe the trust was not warranted. We see it all the time, "But I bought this from so-and-so and he is a nice guy... it must be good!"

Good luck and condolences on the loss of your dad.

Thanks, I appreciate it.




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