Looking for opinions.  Looking to bid on this at a local auction but am hesitant.  Too good to be true?

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Holy cap man, that's too cool.  I can only imagine what you got for them.

how much do they want for it

There's no set price, it's an auction

What is t he oppening bid

There isn't one.  The auction estimate is between 150-250 British pounds.  Anyone interested in bidding just puts down there max bid then auction day there's phone bidders, Internet bidders and people in person and proceeds like a normal auction

its interesting that the handbill isn't signed but a card u would think if it wasat that show it would have been signed on the back

Is this an auction that has a history of selling autographs? The estimate seems a little low for this item. I would urge you to get an opinion from Roger Epperson. $15.

I would not put much faith in the Rare and Signed group. You really don't know who looked at it for PSA which makes that opinion less valuable.

So is this signed on a card, or what? Back in the sixties people usually didn't come well prepared to get an autograph. Does seem a bit odd they would save a promotional poster and not get that signed. 

I sent something to Roger Epperson a few hours ago and haven't heard back.  It is signed on a card.  I don't know if they have a reputation for selling autographs but they usually have a decent amount of music stuff, especially beatles since it's in the UK. They have other lots in this auction like the who and moody blues that are all signed ed on cards as well but come with flyers or albums.  

I looked at the auction house

they don't special in autographs or poster collectibles more model trains toys and nick nacks 

those sigs and the handbill may have nothing to do with each other

it could be a matter of someone matched the handbill to the sigs later on

Just as I or we would (for example) add an appropriate photo to match a cut sig for framing

I'll be watching for the results from Epperson

I'm anxious to see what he says too.  I thought of the fact that the playbill wasn't signed, and that they were paired later. there's other lots in the auction obtained from the same venue and they're all signed on cards so not sure what to think



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