Looking for opinions.  Looking to bid on this at a local auction but am hesitant.  Too good to be true?

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You are doing the right thing getting Roger's opinion. I am certainly not an authenticator. Just a collector who tries to study this hobby and has made my fair share of mistakes.

I'm getting more and more careful all the time.

I gotta tell you Roger that I've been studying Eric Clapton signatureso from this era so much I'm seeing it in my sleep.  I still think it looks damn good

I believe it's good as well. 

I belive the jack buce is shacky looks like it starts and stops. someone could have signed for him

I still think the signatures good although I, too, look forward to hearing what Roger has to say. The paper appears aged which helps. Although, in today's world, it requires some extra detective work from all the angles. It would be interesting to see the other items that are signed and get an overall viewpoint. Plus reputation matters.

I once purchased a Marilyn Monroe signature at an antique auction which rarely sold any autographs. Just happened that someone had collected it many years ago and it was consigned along with the rest of their stuff. I purchased it for a song because it was sold in a place unexpected for such an item.

If this auction house regularly handles rock memorabilia then there should be an established track record on them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

another 1967

can anyone explain why Eric and Ginger both match within reason but Jack is not even in the ballpark of any example I've posted or yet to have found in all the years that Jack signed??????

Also.. why is Jack's sig so heavy handed in the OP example?

I know we're waiting on Roger's reply but I still like to discuss this mystery

Oh wow :o


I've seen this sellers lots at auction and am convinced they are all authentic

the reason some of the sigs are not on handbills is because they are from an autograph book

I won't say which auction this is for Brian's sake. 

Looks like the auction angle has be resolved. I'm sure Brian will let us know Roger's take. I believe authentic. And...I must add....nice find and hope Brian is fortunate to be the winning bidder. Final note, I do think the pre-sale estimate may be low.

I thought it seemed really low too.  I just thought maybe such things were more common in the UK or some such thing, lol

I may be more common although I would pay that, or a little more, for a comparable Clapton signature by itself. 

Does anyone know how long it takes Rogers Epperson to write back?



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