Appreciate your opinion about this one:

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Man, you picked a wild one this time, Daniel. I don’t recall ever seeing one like that. I think it’s likely real though.

 What’s do you think?

I think it might be real, but I can't be 100% sure. 

It's a 5-inch autograph and those often have different proportions. I think it would be a nice add to your collection.

I think it’s good. 

I'll say "Yes"....

It doesn’t look authentic to me.

Does it have characteristics of some of your known forgery exemplars?

It shares characteristics with other cheap Maccas with similar provenance from the same seller.

Thanks, Ballroom. Could you post a link please?

You can see the other Maccas in the seller’s completed listings.

After looking at his completed listings I understand that it's a fake.

I am not used to seeing that curve in the "a's" repeated in the "cC". It looks odd overall but I defer to others with more knowledge.




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