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What do you think of Beckett Authentication? Help me understand.

sent Beckett Authentication a very nice Emma Watson 8x10 which I paid a whole bunch for from UK Dealer. They found it to be Authentic. #16675743 Type the certificate number in it at Beckett it says that it's an encapsulated picture of Emma Watson. #16675743. For now. 

They sent Emma Watson back to me yesterday March 25. I thought it was going to arrive encapsulated. Instead Emma came with a letter saying that it is not authentic. But wait, Beckett authenticated it gave it a certificate #16675743 mailed it back to me without a certificate, without being encapsulated and told me it was not real.

So if you go and type #16675743 in at Beckett right now it'll still say Emma Watson Encapsulated,  until they decide to hide their mistake by making it disappear.

No one from Beckett will contact me to help me correct this yet. So I ask you what good is it having a company like Beckett Authentication when these kinds of things happen?

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But you are the only one who knows the cert #.  Anyone looking at the photo will have no inkling of this situation, so it's not an inconsistency for them.

Could it be that the cert # actually applies to another photo and they put it on your invoice by accident, for example?

If Beckett won't authenticate it then I'm not understanding why you would want the cert # to stay out there.  The cert # does not make it authentic if they won't encapsulate it.  

At this point I'd be happy to provide my login email and password for everyone to go on there and see. I just wouldn't want anybody deleting stuff. But this is literally what I see when I go to my page.

Like you say I'm the only one who has that number, but that number if you look it up on Beckett says that it's an encapsulated Emma Watson. So somebody authenticated it and who knows what happened after that?

That's what I want to know, that's why I'm doing this. I'd like to know if they made a mistake and it's real or Beckett made a mistake and it's not real.

What’s interesting is there is nothing written in the “Result” box but there’s the certification number. Definitely an odd sight. Keep that screenshot and send it to Beckett when/if you have an opportunity to open a email or chat with anyone there. 


Renee at Beckett finally got back to me with the excuse that Beckett's computer system is generating false certificates of authenticity? Does this sound like a viable excuse or garbage?

I'm thinking that you are trying to hold onto hope that Beckett actually authenticated it, but there's your answer.

I think you had said that JSA already authenticated it.  You'll either have to settle for that, or sell it someone who will, and then buy one that does pass Beckett.

Looks like a computer glitch. I’m sorry to hear it failed authentication. After spending all that money and knowing it’s authentic it’s a big let down you couldn’t get it encapsulated. 

You can either sell this one with the JSA authentication and provenance from original sale then buy a different one that is already encapsulated or take a another chance with an unauthenticated one by sending it in hoping for the best. 

I appreciate your kind words and everybody's interest. I feel hollow. I mean, I've been sending stuff to Beckett and the PSA for years, but this is the first time I got a false positive like that. I was gleeful because I already have another really nice Beckett authenticated Emma Watson.

It's got to be anomalous? Beckett says it's a computer error that they are frantically trying to fix. A computer that issues certificates ?? Has anybody ever gotten a false positive like that from Beckett Authentication?

Is it just me that God picked to have the divinators at Beckett dash his hopes about??

I feel like Dave outside those pod bay doors.

Apparently the result box remains empty even when the item is certed. Therefore, the Emma Watson line item is exactly what you’d expect to see if the item was deemed authentic. So, apparently someone modified the software and caused this issue, but didn’t catch it during testing?

Here is a list of Beckett's upcoming show appearances. Perhaps you can call the store and speak to a Beckett representative the day of event.


I already checked. They're not coming to North Carolina and I don't feel like driving to Virginia it's too far. I need new shocks and struts. I truly appreciate the heads up though. Thank you.



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