What is the current "reputation" of authenticator Blake Levine?


Mr. Levine is a member here but doesn't seem to post. I saw his name next to Myron Ross as a great authenticator etc. Thoughts?

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Anyone? Mr. Levine's Wicki page, sent to me as "proof" that he is the most famous collector, no longer exists.

Never heard of Mr. Levine. Although, if his name is associated with Myron Ross I would not value his opinion on authenticity issues.

Not quite sure of the purpose of this thread.  I'm somewhat familiar with Mr. Levine's professional work in the field of mental health.  He's mentioned publicly in his videos and writing that in-person autograph collecting was a hobby as a boy...but I've never heard of a claim of being an authenticator.  What's the alleged connection to Myron Ross?  Perhaps I've missed something.  

in knew blake i dont he ever was an  authgetcator and was out of the hobby bussiness before ebay really started. he was a very young inperson guy from nyc.i think he started around 12 years old and he has got  mccaertney and people like that way before ebay killed the industry.his dad is larry i belive and sells some stuff



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