Hey everyone. I've been looking to display some signed index cards and would love to display them, something similar to the displays attached. The displays look like the background is mounted, with an image printed on the mount. How would one achieve this? I've tried searching on google, but can't seem to even find what this style of display is called to go about getting it.

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I am not sure i am responding correctly to your questions, but imho....i see simple frames with a custom matt with a cut-out where you insert the picture and another that holds the index card.....i have never seen them at michaels or the box stores, but they are quite common and can be custom cut at any of the box stores michaels or hobby lobby.....

i will also add that my favorite spot to acquire these type frame/matt items is your local thrift store....regularly you will find a nice frame, glass, and to include a matt with two opennings for 6 bucks or less....standard sizes or custom sizes.....a little clean up and you;ve saved quite a few dollars and have a nice framed autographed picture....


Hi Tim, thank you for your response. If I'm understanding you correctly, the larger picture and the index card is inserted into a mount, but you cannot see the mount itself as its covered by the border of the frame?


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