Jason had started a thread; http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/what-is-exact-proof-...  

and like all good threads there are discussions witin discussions but this sub-discussion came up on a dealer Milton Lubin & http://www.substancecollectables.com/boxing_hall_of_fame___1

It appears that in 2003 although the Lubans were properly served but they failed to answer the complaint.

MARRERO, District Judge.
By order dated July 22, 2003, the Court authorized entry of a default judgment in favor of plaintiffs Tiffany (NJ) Inc. and Tiffany and Company (collectively, "Tiffany") and against defendants Milton and Connie Luban and their company Luban Incorp. (collectively, the "Lubans"), the proprietors of an internet site selling counterfeit Tiffany merchandise in violation of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1114(1), 1116(d). Upon consideration of Tiffany's written and oral evidence as to its damages, the Court awards Tiffany a judgment in the amount of $573,818.64.


Jason went on further in one comment;

This link is the link with the guy and the actual photo we have on files one doctored that has the guy mentioned above.


On 17 May 2012 the guys who were building a file heard the following news : He received a letter from the lawyers of Prince Marketing and Super Star Greetings today. Telling him to remove all items and images of Joe Frazier, Micky Ward, Roy Jones Jr, Hulk Hogan, Chuck Zito, Vinnie Paz and the Super Star Greetings logo. This guy is total scum and is getting what he deserves.

The most famous website in the world for tackling fakes did a special on him here you can read it for your selfs. click the link.

I wont pu the photos yet I will leave them as aces in our hands till we have too but I believe there is enough here to make your minds up if this is true or not.



Recently I received some photos that appear to have been photoshopped and were alleged to be used by Milton Lubin to promote his product offerings.  The one on the left is what has been alledged as the real one while the one on the right has been alledged as fake ones that were used as "proof" pictures.

One recent excerpt from Jason;

Ps yes DB strange here seems no one in America cares about what s going on in their door step and on of this forums own.    (sometimes Jason - it takes some extra cycles ;-)

Since I have no dogs in this fight and Milton Lubin is an AML member here as was pointed out in the intial thread above, it would be pertinent to have some feedback on these claims and allegations.

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Scan 1
boxingchamp2000 listed Floyd Mayweather Oscar De La Hoya signed boxing glove on  auction 
 320178633745 ended November 11, 2007. It was from the stock of the senior authenticator, it was
from Substance Collectables and sold for a whopping $ 149.99.
Scan 2
image of Mayweather and De La Hoya on the auction page
Scan 3
The senior authenticator  used a Getty Images photo taken by Ethan Miller on the auction page.
Scan 4
comparison of Mayweather PSA/DNA to Substance Collectables glove.  boxingchamp2000 was
suspended in November, 2007.
Scan 5
Reuters press photo of Floyd Mayweather 
Scan 6
The senior authenticator copied the Reuters photo and placed the Substance Collectables watermark on it, as it it
was his photo,

Scan 1

 dwaynemccoll17 listed 111617109601, Muhammad Ali signed boxing glove. It came from the stock of
the senior authentcator, it was from Substance Collectables, and accordingly it was removed 
March 9, 2015.
Scan 2
The coa on the auction page was taylormadememorabilia, , who had acquired the glove from
Substance Collectables.
Scan 3
Scan 4
Rareandsigned.com web site. copied and used by the senior authenticator for Substance Collectables.

Scans 1 , 2, and 3

kel_1311 listed Ali-Frazier-Tyson-Holmes-Norton signed boxing glove on auction 301969646812, It was
from the stock of the senior authenticator, it had hologram of SSAuthenticators.com. and
accordingly it was removed on May 31, 2016. Seller relisted it on auction 302196401796
and it was removed on January 15, 2017.
Scan  4
The seller relisted the item on another id, garli-quint , on auction 232208828480, removed January 17, 2017.
in which he did not include close ups of the glove

Scan 1

ID  SportMemories2005  sold on auction 270119249933 ended May 17, 2007 four Muhammad Ali
signed boxing gloves from the stock of the senior authenticator, they were from Substance
Collectables, to buckman_2525, for a whopping $ 487.77, or only $ 121,94 per glove. SportMemories2005 
was suspended in June, 2007.
Scan 2
This image from auction page was copied from Steiner's Sports Marketing web site.
Scan 3
The proof shot was copied and belongs to Stacks of Plaques.
Scan 4
 buckman_2525 relisted one one the four Ali gloves on auction 300117945552
which ended June 10 2007, whose image shows the Substance Collectables
coa and the copied proof shot of Stacks of Plaques,
Scans 1-3
officialonlinememorabilia listed on auctions 272555504166,272566104464, and 262861411019,
Muhammad Ali signed robes. They were from the stock of the senior authenticator , they had coa
Substance Collectables, an accordingly they were removed on March 3, 2017. The seller wrote
on the auction page "robes have been supplied directly from one of America's most reputable
dealers in  Substance Collectables." Shawn from AliAutos.com has said he wouldn't buy anything
from them.
Scans 4-5
The main scan on the auction pages was copied from A-1 Sporting Memorabilia, an
OnLineAuthentcs,com  Muhammad Ali robe, which the seller's item is not.

Scan 1

image from auction  270103380841 of sportMemories2005,  ended March 31, 2007 ,Sylvester Stallone signed boxing glove. Image has
been looked at by an authority on Stallone's signature and deemed a fake.
Scan 2
A Getty Images copyrighted  photo, taken by Denise Truscello, was used on the auction page.
Scan 3
another image from auction page
Scan 4
A Getty Images copyrighted  photo, taken by Denise Truscello, was used on the auction page.
Scan 5
another image from auction page
Scan 6
A Getty Images copyrighted  photo, taken by Denise Truscello, was used on the auction page.

Scan 1

from auction of   sportmemories2005, Sylvester Stallone signed boxing glove, which
ended on May 1. 2007.  An authority on Stallone's signature has looked at the image and deemed it a fake.
Scans 2 and  3
The glove was from the stock of the senior authenticator, it had coa Substance Collectables,
sportmemories2005 was suspended in June, 2007,


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