How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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I got a Paul Williams sig on a Phantom of the Paradise feature in a vintage Hollywood film mag. Awesome!

This kinda ties in with musicians stuff for sale but they're new, so heres some of the latest cds. Styx,Cheap Tr, P.Labelle,Antebellem,R.Bachman.

Couple guys from RAAC had Nick Mason sign some stuff.

That's a nice score Ian.
Last night my wife and I got to meet Don Felder. Nicest guy ever, as gracious as could be. Signed two photos for me and signed my wife's VIP shirt. Wonderful experience. And his performance later in the evening was fantastic. Highly recommended.
Pretty cool Chris.Happy u met him being such a big fan.congrats.

Early Dave Grohl Full Name Signature. :)

so neat! always love seeing your stuff, makes me feel like I'm in college again!

Jack White.

Some new additions to share with everybody, including a new crown jewel!

Thanks to a couple of members of RACC on Facebook who organized a private signing with Nick Mason, I was able to add him to my Waters/Wright DSoTM LP. Just Mr. Impossible to go!

But even if I never get him to sign this LP, I still have him (and a vintage Mason) on his solo debut LP:

Next up is a Reservoir Dogs soundtrack LP signed by Harvey Keitel & Quentin Tarantino, this has always been one of my favorite pieces of key art:

Now here is a cut auto of Gilda Radner I acquired from a fellow member here and at a great price, and has since been approved by PSA/DNA as well. This one means a lot to me, as I lost my mother to Ovarian Cancer as well, and took the cut to make a custom card in the style of the 1992 Star Pics SNL autographs, which is one of my favorite autograph sets of all time (and the subject of a blog piece I'm working on, coming soon):

And lastly, the newest and bestest acquisition ever! Thanks to another great member, this John Lennon autograph has found a new home here! The Tracks LOA also notes that John signed for both George and Ringo (but oddly NOT Paul) which I find to be incredibly cool as well. Without further adieu...

Thanks for checking 'em out!

Nice stuff! Lovely vintage Gilmour as well.

thanks Eric!


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