How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Seen many Jaywalking skits, and Howard Stern has been doing the same skits for years..... Many ignorant people out there for sure.    But if you are going to bring up Jaywalking as the example, then NO ONE you mentioned such as Charles Dickens will be remembered.  

There will always be ignorant people in the world, but a rock fan/ music fan, I feel will always now who the Beatles are.  It is nearly 60 years since they started, and their albums/ songs are still top sellers on streaming music services.   Yes, some are Old Time fans, but many of the streaming service purchases have to be coming from younger fans in their teens and 20s.

Friday 7/28 went for Blondie & Garbage.

Blondie were all great!! Debbie was a strict 1 per. Chris Stein & Clem Burke both signed 3 albums for me. Other Blondie member in current line up signed my copy of Pollinator.

Garbage showed up, all got off bus together right away. Only 2 of us waiting, Shirley Manson stiffed us walking the other way. Caught up to her, and she said no to signing for the 2 of us. Other 3 members Steve, Duke, and Butch signed a 12x18 photo of band, and a 10 inch album cover.

Overall real happy, just wish Shirley would have signed at least 1 per...
Additional photos
Made an offer for $100 on this 1997 Garland plate signed by the entire original lineup of Kiss and to my shock and surprise the seller actually accepted. There were 250 artist proves made on top of 1000 limited edition... this is a low number 19
Wow Brian!! Great deal !!!

This was a bit surreal and surprising - not known for being one of the easier autographs out there to get, Arcade Fire did an in-store signing at Chicago's Reckless Records. There was a line, but hardly a mob. And it seemed that with about 20 minutes left in the signing, no one was really left in line. Strange for a band of that magnitude, regardless of how difficult they are to get autographs from.

Absolutely awesome Rich.
And indeed really weird for such a big band.
How many copies did you get?

My original intent wasn't to get a ton, but I actually got a few, in part because a couple friends canceled on me a short time before the signing.

I just added Mike McCready to my Pearl Jam album which was already signed by Eddie Vedder.
Queen started their tour in Phoenix and I added Brian May to a guitar. Very lucky that they started the tour here because Dr. May has since stopped signing.
Roger Waters 2012 "The Wall" concert poster
I am still in disbelief that he did it....Eddie Vedder signed guitar.



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