How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Congrats!  That's fabulous!   I wonder if that came from his estate sale shortly after his death?

Yes it it did in 2006. It was sold along with his other personal items at Heritage auctions.

Ok, yeah that’s where I saw it a Heritage catalogue advertising the auction. Also, looks like she reverted back to just signing her name Clara Bow and not Clara Bow Bell (in which I have one) during this period.

My Clint Eastwood Signed Photograph arrived today. 
It’s going to Encapsulation soon.

Hi Ivo,

That is very nice indeed. Thank heavens he didn't sign in black!

Hi Eric,

Thank you Eric :)

Oh yes Hehe, I think signed in black wouldn't be nice

That's a beauty right there 

Tommy Chong 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

How am I supposed to see that with all this smoke? :)

Lovelty items!

Nice @BC. Got him on my poster this year too

That poster is amazing, @John William. I'm a big BTTF fan, looks like you're an even bigger fan and collector. That Crispin at the bottom is a nice touch too.

Final additions for 2021.



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