How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Hi Tacoma, my pleasure. That is a superb example and a great gift! It's nice to have the additional handwriting and I love the image as well. True 1980. Congrats. :)

I know many people already have one of these, but it is awesome for me to finally add a David Bowie autograph to my collection!

An original Isolar Enterprises Inc. compliments card which has been autographed by David Bowie in black pen. David has added the year ‘93’ to the right of his signature. It measures 13.5cm x 8cm (5.25 inches x 3.25 inches). 

Bowie signed a number of these cards for a BMG Music senior executive in 1993, and they were sent out with promo copies of his “Black Tie/White Noise” album.

Lovely! Those are nice cards with the linen finish. A highly underrated album - especially Jump They Say. You can hear what is coming next - Outside. These frame very nicely - below is a 1993 promo photo that I think would be ideal. I wonder how you intend to frame this little gem?

Hi Eric! When I get the chance, it would either be with the promo photo that you shared or a copy of Black Tie White Noise. I like the idea of keeping it to the period and with it being connected to the album in particular, it makes the most sense! :) 

Hi Adam, I always try to do that - keep it period. I might suggest the b/w promo over the over-saturated color and intense image of this LP cover might distract from the b/w signature and lovely card. I think it safe to guess Bowie did the design on it - Andy would know for sure. So many folks crop the card out - I love it! Congratulations!

Thank you Eric, and yes I do agree that the promo overall would perhaps be the better choice, size and black and white. Thank you! 

Hi Adam, here are three period images - the one I posted, a portrait image and one with a mic. The mic photo was used to represent Bowie in his No Plan video released after his death. It can be seen briefly on the flickering b/w TV's in the window of Newton Electronics at the end of the video. For this reason I think I prefer it. I had not thought about it - it is 1993 and a 2016 farewell image. I don't know these sellers but these are the images:

Bowie promo w mic

Bowie 3/4 length promo

Bowie portrait promo

Those are all great choices Eric! I jadn't seen the other two before. Now I will have to decide. Thank you once again! 

Anytime :) OH! I just noticed the portrait image is printed backwards - his eyes are wrong as is hair! He doesn't quite look himself. I think that leaves 2 to select from (easier choice)...

I wonder if they were going with a mirrored effect for the image? With white noise and David being readible correctly only in a mirror? 

Just picked this rare William Seaward Burroughs (1914-1997) Untitled 1974 Serigraph Signed and Numbered 17/100. He was a “Rock Star” to “Rock Stars.” He collaborated on a single with Kurt Cobain called “The “Priest” They Called Him”

He is a rock star to others as well! Junkie/Junky is a great book! Superb example of the Beat genius! Lovely :) it appears to be something like his "cut ups" from the 1950's. Bowie would later use a similar technique to write songs.


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