How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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John Cale & Victor Bockris — What’s Welsh for Zen: The Autobiography of John Cale [Bloomsbury Publishing, 1999], first edition, first impression hardback, signed by John Cale to the corrugated cardboard cover.

This book cost me just £35 because the seller didn’t realise it is signed by Cale.  Best of all, he lives just ten miles from me, so I was able to collect it in person this morning.

Gorgeous! And what a deal. Congrats.

Thanks, Tom.

The original eBay sale of this book fell through, as the American buyer was not happy with the shipping cost.  When the seller re-listed the book a couple of weeks ago, it failed to get the same degree of attention, so I messaged him and did the deal for £35.

Sometimes, these things are just meant to happen.

I've had more than one very promising FB Marketplace deal fall through because the seller (absurdly) got cold feet over dealing with shipping matters. Seems that's happening more and more these days with all the supply chain problems.

Sorry to hear that.  It’s a frustrating business at the moment.

I have two orders that are missing in action.  One has been refunded already by the record company, without argument.  The other is a rather expensive eBay purchase, so I’ve requested a refund, but will have to go through due process on that one.  It’s possible both could still show up, but with every passing day it’s looking more and more unlikely.

I have just done a deal for a very special association copy book, so fingers crossed that one arrives without any drama.

EBay shenanigans (and the new tax guidelines they have for certain sellers) are why I will never sell signed items on that platform -- only buy. Too much drama and too much potential for fraud. The few signed items I've ever sold have all been done through consignment or private sale.

Here's hoping your order arrives safely.

If I sell anything on eBay, I always send it fully tracked.  The most expensive item I’ve shipped sold for £1,000.  That was a bit of a worry, but it got there and I never heard from the buyer again, so I presume he was satisfied.

I’m a casual, yet discerning, eBay user.  I buy much more than I sell, and even then it’s rarely signed stuff.  But every now and then you come across something really nice that you just have to have.

The item that’s still missing is a vintage, signed concert handbill, plus additional promotional items tied into the same gig.  It’s absolutely irreplaceable, if it never turns up, so a refund is the only option.  I know there are fraudulent buyers out there, but there are also a lot of tight-fisted sellers who want to skimp on packaging and tracking items properly.

The association copy I mentioned is coming from a prestigious rare book dealer, not via eBay.  That one should be fine.

In a recent post regarding Sammy Davis Jr and Muhammad Ali I mentioned that I just obtained a rather nice collection.  Here is a picture of one of the pages of that collection. Carroll O’ Conner, Luciano Pavoritti & Pele.  I have researched these and I also have a solid history of how they were obtained and by whom with dates provided on most.  I will post other pics if anyone is interested in who else is in the collection.

Pulled the trigger on this John Lennon signed Bag One Erotic #4 Lithograph. Thumbs up from Epperson and Tracks UK.

Congrats! That's a beauty. I have "Exchange of Rings" #190.

Tommy Chong!!! The sketch is about 3.5x3.5. The trading card completes a full set, base card, numbered private signings, numbered gold proof and numbered silver proof. Probably the only autographed set in existence. 

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