Just curious what people here considered was the best company to go to for getting there stuff authenticated? I know Roger Epperson is a big name as he should be but he only offers letters of authenticity and I want to get a couple things slabbed.  I know theres PSA, JSA and Beckett, and a couple other smaller ones. just wondering what people consider the best for music autographs


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If you're not planning to sell for years and you're comfortable with authenticity, then I'd wait until you're ready to sell before having them slabbed. That's because you don't know which TPA will be the most desirable at that time.

If you want an opinion now for your own peace of mind, I'd go with Epperson. In that case, you should be fine with an online opinion for these instead of a full LOA.

Wow Steve, thank you so much for the really sound advice. They both already have the full Epperson LOAs.  Another reason I wanted them slabbed was to help protect them but after your words of wisdom I realise theres plenty of other ways to keep them safe.

You're right, there are other ways to protect them. Topsiders are often a great way to go. Put them in a plastic sleeve if you're worried about liquids getting inside.

If you have Epperson LOAs already you're fine. Your Claptons are classic examples of his autograph, BTW.

Thank you, that really means a lot coming from you.  There was some question as to how the first one ends with kind of a curly cue instead of the "t" being crossed.  But Mr Epperson was nice enough to write me a few paragraphs alleviating any fears or doubts I might have.


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