What's the Scoop on Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators, a New Authentication Company?

Could it be real... as in they know what they are doing?

http://gfaauthenticated.com/guarantee/   could it be that TPA's have some competition?

If authenticity is determined under such “Guarantee Resubmission” procedures to be found non-authentic, GFA shall pay the purchase price for the autograph in question or at the owner of the signature’s option to replace the signature with a GFA authenticated signature of the original signer of similar item and value.  GFA will also refund the reauthentication fee and postage and insurance costs incurred by the signature owner in sending the signature to GFA. It is understood that GFA will replace the signature or refund the purchase price after reexamination and a verifiable receipt of price paid is supplied to GFA.

Of course, it would be nice to know what the procedures for determining non-authentic are..

Service pricing model seems reasonable;


Since it's headed up by Steve Rocchi could there be another player in town?;

Since 1991 Stephen Rocchi former PSA President, and founder, a former President, CEO and Founder of Global Authentication and was responsible for hiring JSA authenticator Jimmy Spence also a former PSA authenticator. Stephen Rocchi has been instrumental in bringing the three largest authentication companies into the sports world.”

Since it stands for Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA). and so long as we keep certain FDE's out of it - wouldn't it be nice.

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Exchange Auctions is still going strong. Until I read the information here, I thought they were still associated with AAFES. I'm sure there are plenty of vets and active duty people who think so also.


They have raised the rates to $100, $175, and $300. 


What a bargain.

Just to add to the "appearance" of being legit. I still don't see a way to actually submit an item for review.

If I had to speculate, I'd guess their true customers pay a few dollars a cert in bulk. The rest is all window dressing.

What is it with forensic authenticators and autograph collecting???

They know the wannabe autograph collectors and suckers (the ones who watch NCIS) are out there.

Steve Rocchi must be real proud of himself to be mentioned in the same circles as Frangi, Drew Max and Chris Morales.

Absolutely, Mr. Zipper.

The only "autographs" I've seen "certed" by Steve Rocchi are the "Florida" forgeries.

A little under five years ago, I purchased four items from AtAuction.com.

I purchased the items, of course, knowing they were forgeries, but I wanted them in my hand.

I have kept them in their original UPS packaging until today when I opened up two of them.

Below are photos of me opening up one of the packages in various stages.

My first question is "Dis anyone (Stephen Rocchi or John Goraczyk) actually physically and forensically examine anything that they "authenticated?"

After I removed the matting and everything from the frame, what I discovered immediately is that the paper is inkjet paper.

No-brainer inkjet paper.

Using a Proscope2, below are close-ups of the "Mantle."

First and foremost, the "Mantle" is a forgery.  Again, a no-brainer forgery.

As you can plainly see, the paper is inkjet paper.  The moment I felt the paper, it was obvious that the paper is inkjet paper.

Check out the below photos.

I will be posting a more extensive thread on this.  I should have done this years ago.

Can't wait to see it.

That untold thousands of these were sold to members of the military through the exchanges is especially upsetting.

If sold at military exchanges, such frauds may be governed by military laws-and of course the military itself could be sued for restitution if it approved forged items to be sold to enlisted men

There is no if about it. Thousands of these forgeries were sold through the military exchanges. Military exchanges fell for the conspiracy theory that PSA was disapproving all those items to run other authenticators out of business and none of PSA's authenticators were court approved forensic document examiners.

They eventually figured it out but only cut ties because the forgery dealer AtAuction failed to pay the exchange their share of the commissions.



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