It may just be me, but has anyone else had a recent problem with the display of the RACC Trusted Sellers list? I only ask because their TS list used to have over 200+ sellers, but now it only has 95. Many of my favorite sellers are removed it appears. I hope this isn't an authenticity issue. Any insight would be appreciated. 

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Probably any number of reasons, and I'll venture a guess that authenticity probably isn't a prime one. I don't know what's involved in being a trusted seller (requirements, dues, etc), so it might be a technicality for some of them. That aside, there are any other number of reasons: quitting or becoming less involved in the hobby, a personal falling out with RACC's leadership, growing dislike with RACC, a quarrel with other members, behavior online or collecting, etc. 

RACC is going back to charging for Trusted Sellers.  $149 per year. So I am sure they are thinning out people who don't wanna pay the fee.   I don't really sell on facebook, so I didn't see it was any advantage for me. 



Thank you both for the insight. Mark, that makes a lot more sense. I'm just thankful it doesn't have anything to do with authenticity, but given the number of sellers removed, I didn't really expect it to.



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