You might recall that before he died Michael Jackson’s autograph was not too outrageously expensive.  But after Michael Jackson passed away unexpectedly, the price of his autograph soared and really never came back down. Of course, it’s not very often when a music King, like the King of Pop, passes away.

Even before Prince’s unexpected passing, his autograph was already expensive due to popularity and rarity.  It’s long been difficult to find authentic Prince autographs.  But after Prince died, the price of his autographs shot up even more, a lot more, and they haven’t come back down.

I remember reading an article, before David Bowie died, predicting that David Bowie autographs would be the next music autograph to really take off.  And since Mr. Bowie died, sure enough, the price for his pen-to-paper has increased quite a bit.

So I ask, which music star’s autograph price, which today is relatively reasonable, won’t be so reasonable in the relatively near future?  And no, this is not an exercise in predicting the next major music star to kick the bucket.  It’s just a prediction of autograph pricing...for whatever reason.

Feel free to name multiple stars if you’d like.

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Some metal bands perhaps. 

That would be cool. Bands like Pantera, Metallica or Iron Maiden are already big bucks but I think it is rather a younger artist such as the Hobbit Ed Sheeran that will become expansiv eventually

Black Sabbath early sets and The Stones all era sets , gnr's , Motorhead, iggy and the stooges. Kiss!

Possibly some of the female pop stars.

Do you mean just current stars whose prices will spike due to changing circumstances (age, death, band breakup, etc), or rising stars as well? The latter I might be able to make predictions on.

For me the best American blues artists (Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker...) because are the story of the american music and also the story of modern music.

And your british sons : Rolling Stones, Clapton, Led Zeppelin, WHO, Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix....

Sorry, Rich.  I just now got in front of my computer (iPad) screen.  I was really thinking of current stars; however, rising stars would be welcomed as well.  Let’s just take the topic wherever it goes.

Jade Bird is a good invest right now

The Struts maybe as they arn't pushed like Greeta and more fan accessable

She reminds me of Alan is Morrissette for some reason.

william Shatner ;)

Musician? And I think Shatner signed so many graphs on conventions that there are plenty out there just look at Stan Lee after he died his graph became expansiv but only for some weeks now you can get it between 100 and 150 again

I was kidding James :)

Captain Kirk - The Rock-It Man!

Lol. Yes, he was after all The Rock-It Man, indeed!



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