Which of these pens would be best for black album cover

Hi all

I don't want to get this wrong and im a complete newbie so apologies for the newbie question

I need to get an autograph on a black LP album and I need to buy a sharpie pen. The sharpie are the only ones in my country that would be suitable

Anyway I have no idea what's best.  As it's on black album cover, I was thinking of white or a silver metallic one

Firstly the silver metallic sharpie says it's alcohol based on one page and oil based on another so I'm not sure?

Does it matter if the silver metallic is oil based or alcohol based?

And I would go with the white paint pen as I thin the colour is better but as I'm a newbie, can you actually sign an autograph with a paint pen?

Also does it need to be medium or fine? As the white paint pen only comes in medium

I have the links to the pens

White sharpie paint pen


Sharpie silver that says it's alcohol based (Code:SA20045090)


Sharpie silver that says it's oil based (Code:SH39108PSR)


Thanks so much

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Use an oil based paint pen, Sharpie or Deco. Test it beforehand and make sure it’s prepped at ready before giving it to the artist.

And be aware it will need to dry to avoid smudging. 

What is the LP?

Thanks for everyone's replies

I took all your advice and got my pens bought and albums prepped but sadly he (Nick Mason) didn't do any meets or autographs at all

Ps. Was dark side of the moon album :)



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