I have to buy a signed photo, signed on back from the Who ... question ... is to consider a photo signed or since the signatures are behind ... is it to be considered as a signature on a simple piece of paper? The value change right? Have more value a photo signed on front? A signed photo on back have more value of a simply piece of paper? Thanks!!!

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Please let me know...

yes on front more. scap of paper  depends on who signed it and when .

just common sense .

signed photo on back may not have more value than a scrap of papper signed in 1965 by the band then just 2 or 3 of them currently

This is the photo... Signed on back by WHO band...

worth more if signed in the front but its a vintage signed piece worth more than if signed later

Well if signed on back, i can consider it like a piece of paper signed or more??

way more.

im notsure if somebody on here has study who old autographs. im not saying there really im just comenting on  how the value is dereved.

i see pete and kieth , john looks sloppy to me and cant make out rogers. but its an old picture . worth alot if real on front ,if signed by all 4 on the back this is a guestimate 1500-2k probaly more  .as i said i dont follow closely who auto prices , especialy if u can get some circa and providence on its.cool piece .2 dead people

The seller offer to me this piece for 2400£ too much? I think that signed in 1965/1966... The photo is a real photo not a copy...
  1. a signed album went for 3900$ recently and worth more than the piece yyour looking at,no clue what urs is worth but hes asking market value atleast
Well the correct price for it who is? For you?

i personaly dont collect thoase type of things so im the wrong person to give u an answer.

i can run numbers for u  but i personaly wouldnt buy it but i woudnt buy it if it was the beatles as i dont collect albums or those type of things.

as i said an album just sold  for 3900$ usa much more desirable becuase of presentation.,

if sigs were on front its a no brianer buy it.but hes at i belive retail max price so great piece no bargin

.its up to u

i have no idea what the exchange rate is for u. its your choice .very early sigs 

What size is the photo?

Tiziano sent me an email with the dimensions, but I'll comment here, too.

He said the photo is 20x25CM, which is about 8x10 inches. That's very big, and the signatures take up most of the photo. I think that £2,400 is a fair price for this. That's about $3,000 US.



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