Why aren’t Stan Musial autograph values in line with Mantle, DiMaggio, Williams?

I know it’s all about supply and demand.  Are Musial prices so much lower because he signed just a crazy amount of items, or is it something else?  

I know the fact that Mantle and DiMaggio were Yankees also accounts for higher demand.  But Musial was right there in terms of accomplishments.  He won like what...9 NL Batting Titles?  Or is it 6?  Musial was one of the greatest ever.

I also know that Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams signed a lot, especially M and D.

Any thoughts? 

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that is part of it James, but the other thing to consider is that Dimaggio and Mantle were Yankees. there is a premium attached to Yankee items. Case in point is the price of Rafael Devers signed balls (Red Sox) vs Gleybar Torres.  Both have great and similar stats, but Torres balls are going for double those of Devers.  

Williams vs Dimaggio.  There is a higher demand for Dimaggio because he was a yankee, so the prices on his items are typically higher.  Just a fact of life.  

Musial was a great player, but he signed thru the mail, and was a Cardinal.  Like Gibson, Brock, Cepada.  Lower  demand.

Thanks, Terrier.  Yeah, it makes sense when you think about it.  Musial did sign a lot...and he wasn’t a Yankee.  And that Yankee mystique carries a lot of weight for sure.

+1   And how many WS championships did Williams win vs. DiMaggio? 361 home runs vs struck out 369 times! 490 foot power alley.

How many seasons did Williams lose to serving in the military?

DiMaggio also lost 1943, 1944, 1945, in their entirety.

Compare lifetime BA, OBP and OPS

Dateline 1946, Game 7 WS, Bosox vs. Cardinals

Williams goes 0 for 4. Cardinals win 4-3.

Williams bats .200, 5 for 25, all singles, 1 RBI over 7 games.

The major difference between DiMaggio and Williams was the "September Snooze" (which in 1946 lasted through half of October). lol

DiMaggio batter .111 in the 49 series. Lifetime .271 in series competition. Nothing to write home about 

.271 is 71 points higher than William's lifetime WS batting average, isn't it?

Also, DiMaggio was the reason why the Yankees made it into the 49' series. Maybe reading this would help your understanding of how integral a part he played in the '49 season.


And Williams wasn’t the reason the Sox were in the 46 series? By the way he was hit on the elbow by a pitch in an exhibition game prior to the start of the series and played the whole series injured. What was dimaggios excuse in 49?  Williams is the best hitter that ever played the game 

but this really has nothing to do with the subject of the discussion so I’m done with this. 

To me, there are simply too many variables in baseball to put too much stock in WS titles as they relate to individual players.  When Williams was playing, the Yankees simply had more talent than the Red Sox.  If you place Williams on the Yankees and DiMaggio on the Red Sox, who would have had more WS titles?  I think the answer is pretty clear.

James wrote: "To me, there are simply too many variables in baseball to put too much stock in WS titles as they relate to individual players".

Really? Why even bother with wins and losses, or even with the World Series if it doesn't really matter?


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