Why aren’t Stan Musial autograph values in line with Mantle, DiMaggio, Williams?

I know it’s all about supply and demand.  Are Musial prices so much lower because he signed just a crazy amount of items, or is it something else?  

I know the fact that Mantle and DiMaggio were Yankees also accounts for higher demand.  But Musial was right there in terms of accomplishments.  He won like what...9 NL Batting Titles?  Or is it 6?  Musial was one of the greatest ever.

I also know that Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams signed a lot, especially M and D.

Any thoughts? 

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Yankees pinstripes. 

It's popularity, fame and name recognition. The average non-baseball fan is almost certainly more likely to recognize names like Mantle or Dimaggio based on the fact that they played for the most high-profile team in the history of the league in the nation's biggest market. Also included are championships alongside their individual accomplishments. 

At the end of the day, it's about popularity and legacy. Musial is absolutely one of the game's greats, but he played in a relatively small market and didn't carry the same overall celebrity factor of the Yankee legends.

very true Rich

Heel spurs. he missed the first half of the 49' season due to surgery and recuperation from heel spurs, the thing that eventually ended his career after only 13 full seasons. It looked grim for the Yankees season until his Summer return. He must have faked those heel spurs very well to convince an orthopedic surgeon to operate on him, right? lol

Terrier wrote: "Williams is the best hitter that ever played the game but this really has nothing to do with the subject of the discussion so I’m done with this". 

The greatest? Based on stats? Let's not forget whose advice Williams would seek when he felt his hitting was in a funk. Who he had chauffeured to the ballpark to sit behind home plate and critique his swing? Who during his playing days Williams considered the greatest hitter of all?

Babe Ruth. .342 lifetime, 729 home runs (including WS).

And this has everything to do with the subject of the thread: "Why are values out of line with greatness in general".  

One word: Dynasty.

One acronym:  WAR

Ted Williams ranks 14th all-time in Wins Above Replacement.

Joe DiMaggio ranks 68th all-time in Wins Above Replacement.

In case anyone is wondering who the Top Three all-time in WAR are: 

1). Babe Ruth

2)  Cy Young

3). Walter Johnson 

14th all-time in Wins above replacement and his team couldn't win even one WS, in 22 years, with him, or without him. He couldn't lead them even to one. Williams' September Snooze, they used to call it in the 40s and 50s; sort of the opposite of Mr. October! lol

That's the most stark DiMaggio/Williams contrast. 9 rings vs. zero.

Ruth hits the skids and leaves. Even with Gehrig there in his prime, the Yankees flounder in 1933, 1934, 1935. Joey D shows up in 1936, the Yankees win 4 straight!


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