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I've been writing blogs for the past few years, sharing my experiences collecting in-person.  I think I have told some interesting stories and I have also let people know who has been signing and who hasn't.  Apparently my latest blog didn't make the cut to be "featured."  Yes, it got approved and it's posted under "blogs" at the top of the page.  But how many people know to click that to read a blog?  When you see a blog on the home page, and then you see "view all," one would think you would view all blogs- not just the featured ones.  

I saw that my blog was approved, but couldn't find it.  I decided to click "blogs" at the top of the page and to my surprise, my favorite blogger- Josh Board had written 2 blogs that I hadn't read because those weren't "featured" either.  I guess I just assumed that all new blogs would be on the home page.

Kinda seems like a waste of time to write a story if nobody knows where to find it.  Or maybe my stories are bad- I can accept that, and just shut up. 

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Hi Greg! I always enjoy anything you post and love reading about your in person experiences! Maybe Steve can do something.

I love your blogs Coach! I felt the same when I wrote a blog a month or so ago and it seemed to do exactly as you described too.

I will say I always look forward to your adventures. Hope all is well!
Same here, Greg! Surely Steve can fix this. I always look forward to your blogs.

I've emailed Steve to pop in.

I'm not understanding what your asking to change.  When I am on the home page (on a computer) I see the blog feed directly under the latest activity feed, and I don't see anything out of order?

On my phone. It says blog poats. When you click to view all it only comes up the 36 or so featured blogs. Not all of the blogs written.

Coach, everyone...

I really like your blogs. Sometimes I forget to feature one, and it does not end up on the home page. If that's the case, please let me know. I'm sorry for missing them.

This platform we're on has limitations that require a lot of workarounds. This discussion is making me see if I can develop a workaround that will automatically post blogs from regular bloggers in their own sections. I will start working on it later this week.


Everyone- thanks for your responses. I thought it was just me not being featured, but when I saw two that Josh posted not being featured- I had to question it. I thought it was something the admins deemed not good enough to go on the home page.
Steve- I appreciate everything you do for the site. I'm sure it's not easy maintaining everything.
Here is mine from February.


You have to go to all blogs to find it! :)

You are now featured!

Ha, thanks Steve.

Please hover over BLOG on the NAVBAR and LMK what you think.

That's good.  If a blog doesn't get featured for some reason, you can click on the person, or the month to catch up.  Thanks!


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