I know this comes with a PSA certificate, but otherwise looks authentic? I’m not sure what the Say Hey hologram is all about for certain, I think its his personal foundation? 


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John, aside from the reputation of the "Say Hey' sticker, is there anything else that bothers you about the authenticity of the ball?

On your particular ball? Other than what I said in my other response, No. Yours is probably fine and the fact that it has PSA behind it helps as well. But what do I know? I'm the foremost authority on absolutely nothing. Please take my comments with a grain of salt. Go after his older autographs. You'll be a lot safer.

Derek, I also agree with Steve's. assessment. He's really well-rounded on everything that has to do with any autographs. He's really good.

If you go on eBay and look up the autographed Willie Mays baseballs, with the, "say hey," they're all pretty close to one another in consistency, as far as autograph. Same snow white ball. Same pen. The 8x 10s, I absolutely refuse to touch. They go for so little in price you'd have to think there's something's going on. This is just my interpretation. That, and always walking around with the attitude, it's a forgery until proven otherwise. Lol. 

I just picked this up awhile back. No doubt about this one.

Okay, thanks. I'm just sooooo 50/50 on this one.

One last thing. Something to remember. What I've learned, there's are a few things to consider here. When you think of all the targeted ballplayers that have been forged in the last 25 years, Mantle DiMaggio, Mays Aaron, Williams,  Ruth and Gehrig. The only two that have not been consistent with their autograph have been Aaron and Mays. I've seen at least several different autographs from both of them. All the rest of those guys have  been consistent when it comes to their respected autograph.Their forgeries can be spotted, but Aaron and Mays are a lot tougher, because they're easily forged, without being spotted, compared to the others. Unless it's painfully obvious their  autographs can be tricky, when there's no third-party authentication behind it. Like PSA or JSA.

If you're still on the fence about it, have JSA authenticate it.

I was kind of thinking that, but it might look a little iffy with two third party authentication stickers on it, should it check out. Has anyone ever done that here?

My thinking is this: I don't want anything in my collection that can be reasonably questioned by knowledgeable people. 

There are too many authentic Mays signed items in the market to be investing emotional capital in this. Move on and get one that is a slam dunk.

I agree with Steve.  No matter how many TPA's you send this to, there will always be that seed of doubt, which really defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.  As I did with Aaron, go with his older, easier to authenticate signatures.  they are much nicer, and will be on a NL ball, as it should be. Personally, I am not a fan of having older players signatures on current MLB baseballs.

All good points.



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