Win an Autograph!
I am giving away some of my autograph collection, to be entered into the drawing please go to and sign the guestbook, drawing will take place September 31st, good luck.

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Hi Karen, thanks for your comments and it is a shame you wish to close your account. You have to appreciate that you have posted on this site almost only about your own site and winning an autograph.

Nobody here appears to have ever won and I know a lot of people who entered your competition and signed your guest book many times with zero success.

Although you say it is legitimate we only have your word for this and you have to realise that with so many scams and things done these days it is only natural people are suspicious and post comments that you won't like

I guess if you were genuine you could run a 1 off competition for members of this site and we can all see that this is real and avoid any questions

You are right. You do not need to hold these contests. Nice of you to do them. I've signed up for one and assume I lost. If you know you are doing these legit then I wouldn't worry about all the chatter. You don't owe anybody anything. Not everyone here is a daily visitor.

I like your site BTW.

I agree Rick. 

I don't enter the drawings but I do go and look to see what you have new each time you post about it.  And I enjoy looking around. 

For those that asked earlier too about which autographs she puts into the contests, in the past she has given a list of auto's and you get to chose from that list (correct me if I'm wrong Karen).  So its a nice deal all around.  Good luck to those who enter.  :)

If anyone from this site signs my guestbook before September 30th I will enter them into a separate drawing.

Hi everyone, just wanted to post that I am the winner of Karen Bacca's free Autograph drawing. Thank you Karen

congrats Janice!  And thank you Karen for doing this :)  Very cool!




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