Enjoy it guys, really loved the first album, hopefully this one will also be a banger.

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If I wanted just the autograph would have bought the cd instead of a vinyl for $54 total I was duped into thinking the vinyl is also collectable. Its not the same

Yep, I'm also confused about this whole rare vs common stuff that seems to be prevalent among the vinyl community. The overall count doesn't matter hehe, since it's the same inferior format of listening to music. I bought the vinyl just because I want the 12x12 signed litho/poster/whatever they call it nowadays from one of my favorite bassists - Wolf.

His first album is on constant rotation for me for the past two weeks. I want to save up some money to buy a bass guitar just to play like he does.

I think it's more important to love the musician and not just go with the bandwagon of manipulated and planned rareness of the vinyl records.

This has been happening with many products for a long, long time. Ferrari is one of the best at it, and it's been doing it for over half a century. You come out with an "exclusive" model, purposely limit it's availability, and charge exorbitant prices to people who only care about exclusivity and not the actual cost versus performance ratio. Colored vinyl is just the latest flavor of 'Maximum Capitalism.' 

Yeah, but doesn't Ferrari offer something in return for their prices? If their cars have always been used for racing tournaments, there are probably good reasons for that. 

Vinyl on the other hand, to me, looks more like a bubble than a utility thing. The sound quality is usually worse on vinyl, and it depends more on the setup than the actual record master.

Ferraris generally hold their value and most appreciate over time. In the exclusive models I was referencing, you actual a pay huge increase for them to take away options from the regular model, so you pay a huge markup for less of the same car, reasoning is it deducts weight, which makes it slightly faster and corner slightly better. I totally agree with you on the colored vinyl bubble, if there's 31 flavors of colored vinyl, who gives a schitt what it is at that point. I've never understood it, but then again, I don't understand most passing fads. Cheers. 

Still, in the Ferrari case I can kinda see the utility. In the vinyl boom, there's little to no logic. It's just a way of making merch more mainstream to the masses, but soundwise it mostly depends on the setup, and is an inferior form of listening in most pressings. Sure there are some vintage pressings and some reissues which are better than the remasters, but that's about it.

Well now he has it on Walmart. He really wants to go #1 with this album 

you should see the posts on facebook from the Ad. It's probably a bunch of people from here. someone wrote, so what's the difference with this purple and the purple on your site? how much of a signing wh*re are you? pretty funny stuff.

Vinyl with signed print now on Amazon UK



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