Hi all,

I’m surprised there’s never been any feedback given on here regarding World of Autographs.  They have a large online store with their own website off eBay displaying their inventory as well.  I noticed years ago some members on here posted, but they never got any feedback or comments.  Has anyone ever purchased from them, and what was your experience?  Thanks.  

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Did you ask about them a week or so ago? Sorry I didn't answer if you did.

I had a concerns about them years ago because they sold a lot of Global Authentic certified autographs, and I have seen few from GA that I thought were real. 

Now they appear to sell a lot of JSA, which, while one of the leading TPAs, is nowhere near as reliable as I feel they should be on modern celebs and music.

Hi Steve,

i did ask you directly via email about them and remembered your response.  I’m well aware what eventually happened with the forgeries and GA/GAI but all their items now seem to be PSA, JSA, and Beckett certified now so I’m just curious what other members might think as well.  Did they improve maybe?  Can they be trusted now for instance?  They have such a presence in the industry that i’m just surprised more members on here don’t offer opinions about them especially to help out other collectors.  Someone asked about them in 2012 on here I saw and I don’t think even got a response.  Thanks again. 

I haven't been to their site in perhaps a year. It sounds like they've improved. Micheal Hoppe, the owner, is a member here. Perhaps he'll comment.

I recommend buying TPA certified autographs like you'd buy ones from dealers uncertified. Get an extra opinion or two, here or other good communities, from collectors who know the autograph you're considering. 

Many TPAs only have one person look at the autograph. You always want a second opinion unless you're good at that autograph yourself.

Thank you.  I see they are a member of AFTAL which is supposedly reputable and im asking primarily because I didn’t see them listed on the list here of recommended eBay sellers. And no one ever seems to really speak of them So I was just a little confused.  I thought being a member of AFTAL was a very good sign.  I’d have thought they’d be spoken of more because of that.

Like the UACC, AFTAL has a lot of great members, but there are some that I would wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them.

Oh I see.  I had read and learned that membership in UACC and Manuscript Society often means nothing because essentially anyone can pay and join, but I thought AFTAL carried a lot more prestige.  Obviously I was wrong.  Are there any autograph organizations at all that membership in can really be considered to be 100% trustworthy?



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