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This person claims the signed ball came from the daughter of Mantle’s friend.  Notice that Mickie doesn’t know how to spell his own name!  Here is a link and photo:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/156293828543?itmmeta=01J29N3DDAMDG7162SYW1...

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The seller is actually arguing that he knows it’s real because the girl said her father used to drink with Mantle, and he believes her.  So sad that Mickie can’t spell.

If it had read, "to a good frend" then I would probably agree - one of the worst ever!

Great idea for a thread - worst-ever fakes. We could (probably) all do with a laugh.

It takes a special kind of stupid to think this is legit.

Ebay has been going, now, for almost 30 years. Have you ever wondered how much money has been spent in that time on absolute sh#t (in this field) by unsuspecting - or "stupid" - people in that time?

I bet it is well over $1 Billion, It could be 30 Billion - who knows?

And it is not as if Ebay is the sole source of rubbish material (in this field) on the planet....

And yet it continues, seemingly unabated.

Why are people so gullible?

With all the resources out there to do your due diligence, it is shocking how trusting people are when giving away their money.  I cannot believe how many people still are that something comes with a COA, so that makes it real.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the number was in the Billions!

Just saw a Mantle forgery sell on eBay for $795!

Post a link!

Here is a link to the ball that sold for $795:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/126557138132?itmmeta=01J2F05TVXDG0AQ600DVB...

$795 for that? That's bananas!!!

I sure hope the buyer figures it out quickly.

At least he dotted the M in "Mickie".

Yeah, he dotted the i that isn’t even written.


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