Hi all. I'd like some help with a Tom Brady autograph. I've never had a football autograph before (lots of hockey though) and Tom Brady is one of its biggest stars so I figure there's lots of fakes.

This trade is in a private marketplace in Canada and the guy doesn't have the jersey authenticated I don't think. I checked lots of autographed jerseys online to try and compare, but who knows if I'm comparing to a fake or not.

Oh, and sorry the pic is so little. That's all the guy had for now.

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there is no way to tell you if that is good or not. the pic is so small.  get a better pic and you will get some answers. 

if you have to make a decision based on a pic that size, I would go elsewhere.

I agree with terrier.  If that's the "best he could do," that might be a strong indication that something ain't right.

All I can say he is not an easy autograph.  I had 2 in person encounters with him and he didnt even look at the fans waiting.  So find out all you can about how this was obtained.  Judging from my experience, he doesnt like to sign.

I will add this.  That style, as best as I can make out from the small pic, looks like a style that has been authenticated regularly by one of the questionable TPA's discussed on this site.  but I cannot be certain until I see a better pic. 

stay away You have got to get more than this pic 



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