Hey all! I am a vinyl collector and i never had an autograph before I just joined here :). I bought this from a thrift shop located on Turkey sadly no one gives a cr*p about vinyl's here so they are thrown all over the place. Today i bought this SGT.PEPPERS Album and i found a small torn note taped inside the cover unfortunately tape came right off when i fiddled with it since it looks pretty aged. Probably shouldn't have done that. There is also a small note on the back that i couldn't read and i guess some of the paper has torn and gone with the wind. Anyways what are your thoughts on this?

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also it looks like it is written really bold. Like a sharpie or some sort did lennon ever sign with those? all i see is blue pens

It looks unusual to me, in addition to appearing somewhat slowly drawn. Also, I've never seen a scowling John doodle before.

i have never seen it before as well! i just can't understand why a forger would do it that way. Also how do you understand the slow draw? (i would like to know so i can identify if i want to buy an autograph later on)

It has a somewhat careful appearance to it and doesn't seem to have a natural flow.

Thanks alot !

"multiple pen colors is fake"

Not always , have an Elvis TTWII sgd by TCB band in different colors.

I like to get em in different colors.

"bold pen never happens"

I've a Chris Lee sgd with bold blue marker , also some Riggs sgd with red marker as I did not find a proper sharpie in time before the con (Lee was my first sig ttm btw) , no rule w/o exception.


Am I reading you wrong?

In the opening statement you posted this.... "I am a vinyl collector and i never had an autograph before I just joined here"

But on your profile you wrote that you have a large autograph collection and are an intermediate collector. 

what am I missing?

Ah i forgot to put a comma in my profile description :) Huge vinyl collection , few autographs. And sorry for the bad english :) not my main language i meant i have never had a john lennon signature before.

gotcha thx





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