I am looking to trade signed Twilight Zone cards from the baseset (not the inserts) like below. I have a TON of extras and still need quite a few from any of the series.

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Bergman is 88, Hamner is 71 complete TZ, Johnson 170, Mumy 107, Stockwell TZ stars, Robertson 271. Not sure where the Kaufman came from, because I don't know anyone by that name (must have tried to type something else) and I have Newmar instead of Newman that I typed.

Hi Scott!

Would you trade #271 Robertson for the Garland?


Sean :)

Hey Sean,
While I would love to have the Garland I don't believe it makes much sense to trade one I don't have any others if for another. You have way too many I would love to have and not enough to trade for all I would like. I am afraid I am too late in the game to ever be able to amass a collection like yours and without finding a large lot to purchase I may never get many of those that I would love to have in my collection. I am definitely envious. I love my signed photos, but trading cards have always been my most loved collectibles. Thanks for sharing the pics. I have saved them since it might be the closest I come to having them. Would love to see more if you ever have the time. I will keep trying to obtain more and maybe I will be better equipped to trade then. Thanks for responding.
Hey Sean,
I got an extra Robertson now, so I am ready to make a trade with you if you are still up for it. I now have dupes of Bikel, Blyth, custom Carol Burnett, Veronica Cartwright, Hamner, Holliman, Russell Johnson, Klugman, Suzanne Lloyd, Vera Miles, Read Morgan, Persoff, Richman, Robertson, Stockwell & HM Wynant. Let me know what you have in duplicate and what you might need and we will make a trade. Thanks
I can also get an extra Tom Reese if you need him.
Hi Scott!
Are the Cartwright and Lloyd cards you have signed from the base set?
They are. Cartwright from Complete TZ and Lloyd on back of card 101.
Cool! Any chance I could get scans on them plus the robertson
Thanks :)
Here is the Cartwright
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Here is the Lloyd
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Cool! Let me see if I can get some scans together tonight. Thanks!
Sounds great! Here is the Cliff Robertson scan
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