READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST, THANKS. - They just did it again!

After our discussion about earlier this week, I uploaded a couple of items on eBay for with a James Spence Authentication letter and one without any third party authentication.

My piece with the JSA letter is now on the sportcollectibles website with the usual marked up price tag of twice as much as what I have it listed for on eBay. Of course their twice as much price is a sale price from their listed three times as much price....what a bargain.

My scan of the piece and a brief part of my description of it on eBay has been lifted and is on the listing on their site as well. They certainly waste no time.

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What can you do to them if you yourself buy it and then refuse to sell it to them? There has got to be something here. You'll at least get one of their user ID's and perhaps some odd thing in place of ".com" you/we can all block? Just thinking aloud...

I wonder if even a serious sounding inquiry via their website's chat option would prompt a quick sale from them of the original eBay listing?

Perhaps everyone with certified stuff slowly but regularly start writing them asking for the stuff we have for sale at now higher prices? This is at least some sort of reversal. I can't come up with anything more right now.

They must have some sort of bot that crawls auctions lifting the data. Seems to be too much for manual work.

A few thoughts

  • If you used a watermark in your auction photos it would probably prevent them for using it
  • What happens if someone returns an item to them? Do they then initiate a return with the original seller? if NOT, you could buy your own item through them, then return it to sportscollectibles for a refund. ;-)

They probably have a stupid restocking fee but that is not a problem - excellent idea Steve.

Well, the only thing is that you are buying it from them you give them your and paypal id if you use paypal.  If they buy it from you on eBay, they will see your same information.

When you open the "chat" option on their webpage, the first thing you see before you begin chatting is this:

We do not purchase, authenticate or appraise memorabilia. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap regarding other matters.



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