Hi all. I picked this up recently in a memorabilia break. It comes with multiple authentications. Out of curiosity, what is its likely value and is it something that would appreciate in future, or is its value increased momentarily due to Yogi Berra's passing? I am not asking as someone who is looking to make a quick buck but just mainly out of curiosity. It is extremely difficult to gauge collectability and value on an item like this when you live in Australia. Thanks. 

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any value would be established by the seat itself, as it is a cool and collectible item.  Yogi's signature is not considered rare by any stretch of the imagination, so I would not depend on his signature determining the value of the item.  

I would say a couple hundred dollars for a Berra autographed seat back from Yankee stadium.

As Terrier stated, Berra's autograph is not rare in general but I doubt there are a ton of Yankee stadium seats autographed by him so for a Berra collector in my opinion it has decent value.

It also is Ruth's jersey # although there obviously would be a lot of #3's in Yankee stadium but still a significant # in Yankee history.

#3 is a retired Yankee uniform number so there are not a lot of Yankees who wore it- 8 to be exact!.

I've seen these seat backs sell at shows in the range of $80-300, depending on condition and whether all the corresponding documentation papers came with it. The Yogi signature does not add much value, IMO, maybe about $25-30 worth. What many Yankee collectors are doing with these things is getting multiple signatures on them, for a display piece. 

Not a lot of Yankees wore #3 but every section in Yankee stadium has a #3 seat in it so my point was that even Ruth's #3 would have had a significant number of seats in Yankee stadium that would have been sold by Steiner.

Got it. For a straight memorabilia piece, the #3 could be attractive to a Yankee fan because of Ruth. I don't remember if they were available to the public or only via Steiner- I know when I bought my Shea Stadium seats straight from the Mets organization, I wasn't given the option to pick numbers, only sections (which meant color of seats)...

Thanks. It came with a Steiner Authentication sticker and a LOA signed bt James Spense. It's a pity that I live in Australia, otherwise it would be a great idea to add autographs to.



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