Is anything more exciting than meeting one of your favorite celebrities in-person?

Tell us about your favorite one and upload pics—whether you got an autograph or not!

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One of them has to be the year Katherine Hepburn received the Kennedy Center Honor, I heard which door she was coming out and She posed for me and allowed me to photograph her outside the stage door. She covered her face with others tried, but because I asked her permission, she graciously posed for me. Then one other time was the year I got tickets to attend the Oscars, I went the year Cher won for Moonstruck, I got my program signed by several celebs. I had many more opps when I was nurse to Old Hollywood stars.

It was 1982. "The Fall Guy" was one of the hottest shows on TV, with Lee Majors, Heather Thomas and Markie Post.

I was 26...and had a mad crush on Heather. (Guys...don't miss this video.)

I was a coin dealer back then and gold coin jewelry was hot, so "Los Angeles"  magazine asked if we'd bring some $20 gold piece necklaces in for Heather to wear in a photo shoot.

You can bet I didn't send our runner.

Well, I get to the photographer's studio and I'm sent to a room where the art director was. I walk in and there's Heather, ordering a friend or her assistant around and quite full of herself. My eyes surely as wide as could be, I was too shy to say more than "Hi." Heather just glanced at me and went back about her business.

Then a wardrobe person handed her the first outfit. She turns around, facing my direction and looks right at me as she wiggles out of her clothes, down to the sheerest, tiniest bra and panties I'd ever seen...then took her time putting the gown on.

Then someone said, "Maybe you should wait out there"—pointing to where the photographer was.

I can only imagine what a dope I looked like...

But it was an experience I'll never forget.

And no...didn't think to ask for an autograph.

Hi,I have had a few since i have been back from afghanistan,i even worked for carmine appice.

I met bad company,rodgers,kirke,ralphs,leese,sorensen..i met ronnie james dio,iommi,butler..heaven and hell,  i met and jammed with vanilla fudge,im very good friends with glenn cornick and mick abrahams(whom is recovering from a stroke) of jethro tull,

I m friends with alot more,they are all very nice guys,so are their assistants and managers

mike i would enjoy being freinds. i am prior army and law enforcement. i am now disabled due to a severe fall down so stairs and my autographs are my therapy. please be freinds and help me meet some of your freinds.


wayne cray

paul mccartney at the plaza athena hotel december 9 th 1989, richard his assistant took all our items up to pauls room at pauls request, and he must have signed at least 25 items for 6 collectors, and it was the last time i saw a full paul mccartney. chasing bob dylan around for close to 5 years and finally breaking him down to sign. many good memories of jerry garcia signing, and robert plant who was always my favorite signer for rock.
I have had many over the years but the two that stand out the most was meeting Muhammad Ali in the mid 1990's and Wilt Chamberlin a year before he passed.  Both were gracious and Ali actually added Cassius Clay to my magazine even though the promoter at the time didnt want him to sign items that way.  Wilt just seemed so huge and everyone around him looked so small....They were two icons in their sport.  My most memorable mail experience was getting a signed book from John Glenn the astronaut.  I didnt think he would sign it. 

One of my hobbies is making custom mcfarlane figures.  A few summers ago, I made a set of Lawrence Taylor and Leonard Marshall of the Giants line up against Joe Jacoby of the Redskins.


In June of 2009, Leonard was doing an autograph signing for Steiner in Scarsdale, NY.  I brought the set to have Leonard sign it.  He loved it, asked me to email him a picture of it. I did and he asked me if I could make something for him.  He wanted him and LT vs Nate Newton and Mark Tuinei of the Cowboys.


When I finished the items he said he was going to be in town for the Giants opener and I could bring it to his hotel.  I could also bring as much stuff as I want, he said he'd sign it all and I could sell it.  So, the morning of the opener I went to his hotel, we sat in the lobby talking football and him signing my stuff.  Sat there for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Very nice guy.   When Steiner had the Giants Spectacular last February, he saw me came over and spoke to me, the Steiner rep then invited me to come up to the players lounge with Leonard.  Leonard introduced me to Sean Landeta, Joe Morris, Gary Reasons, and told them about the figures and how much he loved his.  Never heard from any of those guys to do work for them, but it was still a great experience.

Great looking figures Pat! I'm a big Giants fan also. Haven't met Leonard though. Sounds like a nice guy.

My first - it was the early 60s and the yankees were playing off season in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  This was the true dream team for a youngster - I was about 10, and Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were on the field.   My brother (about 8 years old) and I were watching from the stands dressed in yankee uniforms and we moved up close into what we later knew to be a blocked off area.  The gentleman inside told the guards who rushed up to let us stay.  We watched the game sitting next to Joe Dimaggio!    I've met many stars both in sports and the entertainment industry - many I got to know personnally, but nothing ever topped that! 

Hi - I am very fortunate because after I retired from a corporate career, I "fell into" two positions that allowed me to meet many celebrities and professional sports figures. Even through I stood next to the following, when I got home, I couldn't believe that I actually meet the following individuals. Among the nicest people I ever meet are- Sarah Brightman, Bernadette Peters, Tom Burgoyne (Phillies Phantic), Robin Roberts, Jim Torme, Larry Bowa, Jon Richey (Fullback, Phila Eagles), Donovan McNabb, Brian Wilson, Yo Yo Ma, Lisa Kelly and Mairead Nesbitts (Celtic Women), Elvis Costello, Sha Na Na, Tom Jones, Boz Scaggs, Ken Burns, and Judy Tenuta. The nastiest group, so bad in fact, I didn't want their autograph was The Irish Tenors.. As far as mailing requests for autographs, there use to be a site that listed addresses and prior experiences with a brief description of results

I had hundreds of successes so I'll only list the "worst" ones - Yogi Berra (family wanted a minium $100.00, Pete Rose- complete refusal, Meg Ryan - no reply, Josh Groban - ignores the request, Tom Hanks, letter from Assistant stated he is too busy, Nicole Kidman- no reply, and Bo Derek - wants you to buy her art work with her sutograph. 



This happened when I was at ComicCon in San Diego back in 2005.  A friend, Ess, and I attended for the first time.

While I was in line for Virginia Hey (Farscape), I was people watching.  I noticed Erin Gray spending a lot of time with each of her fans. I mean a long time. 5 to 10 minutes with each one. She graciously smiled and nodded and even asked questions back.  She was engaging with her fans.  As I was watching, I never noticed her rolling her eyes or giving her helper a smirk or a whisper asking for help.  She was holding court and being very friendly.

Since I had gotten Erin’s autograph a few years earlier I wasn’t going to get it again. After I finished up with Ms Hey, Ess found me and we were going to wander over to the ballgame since the ball park is a couple of blocks from the convention center.

I started telling Ess about Erin. He was impressed and I decided I wanted to give her some positive feedback.

We passed her and she was free so I stepped up and told her I thought she had the patience of Job. She looked at me sideways but smiled.  I explained I had noticed how her fans spent a lot of time with her and she was always friendly and engaging and never looked for a way to escape.

She laughed and I repeated that I thought it was very good of her and I respected that of her.  I then mentioned to Ess that she raises money for a charity by letting people take a picture with her.

Ess blithely asked what charity she was working with. To be truthful, I never thought to ask that. So she started talking about the charity.  After a few moments she slowed down.  Then Ess asked how she got involved with that charity.  Boy, was that ever the right question to ask. She started into an interesting monologue and explained how she had been associated with them for a long time.  Because the charity dealt with counseling and medical dependency, I mentioned that Ess was a nurse.

Have you seen a person’s eye light up? It’s something every guy wants to see when talking to a lady. Erin was every teenage boy’s dream girl.  And Ess was talking very casually with the lady I had a crush on as a kid. I must admit I was jealous that Erin was interested in Ess and not me.

The knowledge of Ess’ nursing degree took the conversation into new areas and the questions and thoughts were tossed back and forth.

Seriously, Erin spoke with Ess for another 10 minutes.

Even though I was left out I was idly listening. Somewhere I thought I heard her mention psychology so I piped in that Ess was a Psychiatric Nurse.

If I thought her eyes were lit last time I was mistaken because this was a new level of brightness.

Around and around this conversation went with me being on the outside. 

Again feeling slightly left out but very excited for my friend, I was half listening when I though I heard something about American Indians.  So I just HAD to mention how Ess worked on the Navajo Reservation for several years. I’m such a good wing man!

I swear she actually reached out and touched his arm. I might be misremembering but she was ecstatic. Erin Gray, Col. Wilma Deering of the skin tight white jumpsuits touched my friend’s arm.

Now, Ess should be asking if he could take her to coffee.  He should be pulling out a business card and exchanging numbers.  He should be telling her how much he was enjoying the conversation and that they would be both more comfortable in privacy of her hotel room.

But Ess didn’t do that. What he did do was politely disengage from the chat and mention we needed to be going because we got tickets to the ball game.

Yes, you read that right; Ess ended the conversation with Erin. Not the other way around.

We said our goodbyes and when we were out of sight and hearing range I asked him if he was nuts.

He smiled and laughed because he didn’t understand.

I explained that he could have just asked Erin Gray out for a date. He paused and mumbled something about how he didn’t want to be late for the game.  I told him, he should have asked her to the game. I would have understood. I could have found another ticket somewhere. He replied that then we wouldn’t have that time together.

And that is how Ess rolls. He’s a great friend. A much better friend to me than I deserve.



Is Erin still single? Got her


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