Is anything more exciting than meeting one of your favorite celebrities in-person?

Tell us about your favorite one and upload pics—whether you got an autograph or not!

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sorry no number. But she is very approachable. If you want me to get her number for you...I'll play wing man.  she doesn't do makeup any more, or least not  alot of makeup. She still looks stunning.

Thanks, Lew. But looked her up and she's married...darn!

She does look amazing, and I've heard very complimentary things about her too.


Meeting Willie Mays in Cooperstown during HOF weekend with my boys was amazing. But what that led to made it even more memorable. Willie signed a Robert Steven Simon Wall of Fame litho, but jokingly commented that he couldn't believe his image was in the upper rt hand corner vs. in the middle with Babe & Lou. He went on to comment that at least he was next to Spanky, who he explain was Tom Seaver's nickname. Great comment that got better. A few months later my sons & I got to meet Tom Terrific, my childhood idle, and while he was signing the litho I told him that Willie said Hi and told him about the Spanky comment. Tom just smirked and went into a 5 minute story about his experience with Willie when he joined the Mets and how humble Willie was when he asked Tom, in one of his 1st games with the Mets, how he should play different batters at Shea Stadium. Some knucklehead behind us commented that it wasn't shocking since he's Tom Seaver. Seaver just gave him in a quizzical look, and commented "But he's Willie Mays".  2 great experiences with superstars who reportedly have a checkered past with attitudes/cooperation when signing autographs.
My favorite in-person autograph is from Elton John.  I went to one of his concerts a few years ago.  I was lucky enough to get second row seats.  Near the end of his concert, he was nice enough to sign a few autographs for fans in front of the stage.  I had a First Day Cover of Princess Diana.  As soon as he saw me waving it at him, he signed it.  Now, I never go to a concert without bringing something of the artist in case I get closer to the stage. His autograph looks great  on the First Day Cover,  as you can see on the photo.
and he signed it in full.  i have never seen him do that when he signed on stage!

Great subject Steve! 

Mine was Clint Eastwood in Carmel, California.

I had a friend that was getting married so we all stayed in this small sleepy town together.  The host dinner was at Clint Eastwood's restaurant.  I arrived early and to kill time I ducked into the bar.  It was small and packed!  Autographs were the last thing on my mind until I see Eastwood sitting at a table talking with two younger gentlemen. As he left I got him to sign my menu and he thanked me for asking.  He is a class act!  Its rare when they thank you for asking. He also joked how he should stop signing these because the place will run out.


I'm so jealous! Back in the 90s I used to go to Monterey and Carmel twice a year, once during the golf tournaments. We used to go to Eastwood's restaurant all the time, and we never saw him once!

When was this...can you upload a picture of the signed menu?

BTW, I've always heard he was a class act...even when he wouldn't sign.

I got to meet Clint once.He was sitting in the VIP section upstairs at the Hollywood House of Blues Clapton blues show.He was very cool to me,spoke to me quite a bit and signed a nice 4 x 6 card for me,a class act for sure!He has a house over here, when it was built about 6 years ago or so, my friend painted it for him.He is over here quite often,but Ive never met him on the island.
I heard some funny stories about him when I worked at Warner Bros. A co-worker told me about the time he went to Eastwood's office to get a movie poster signed. He opened the door expecting to see Eastwood's secretary, but it was Eastwood sitting at a desk right behind the door, and he was on the phone. Eastwood gave him one of those "if looks could kill" glares, and my co-worker left without the autograph and never went back.
My most memorable was meeting Jay Silverheels, who played Tonto on "The Lone Ranger."  It was at a celebrity signing, and he gave out photos that had been pre-signed by someone else. He would ask each person for their name, and would then shakily write the inscription.  When it was my turn, for some reason he asked "What's my name"? I replied "What's your name? Well, it's Tonto." He then proceeded to sign my photo "To Tonto".
that my be laugh out loud!
As a child I met Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger Clayton Moore, my super heroes. As an adult I met Johnny Cash when I owned a record store in the 80;s. I was nervous to meet him, but he was very very nice!


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