Would like to know what you think on this John Lennon signed Double Fantasy albumIMG_20230101_023324.jpg.      IMG_20230101_023756.jpg

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I think if you look at the post made by Ballroom and focus on the caricatures you will easily see the difference.  In the OP the Yoko caricature looks like it was made by a 3 year old and bears no resemblance to the same caricature on the left.  The John caricature in the OP lacks the flow and composition of the John caricature on the left.  I believe if you presented the Lp on the OP to any of the acknowledged appraisers they would give a thumbs down.  Perhaps asking for an opinion by Roger Epperson, Paul Wane at Tracks or Stephen Maycock at Bonhams would provide the information you are looking for.



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