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Banquet one arrived today.

I was going to order one of the signed Cds from Amazon or TSL but ended up ordering one from one of the Independent record stores he was doing a signing at instead, it's still on the way so I'm not sure if he did it with all of them but apparently, he doodled on a lot of them which I find a lot more unique than the plain signed ones I've seen. just saw someone tweet that they received theirs doodled from the same store I ordered from called Josey Records


Got mine in from Josie records today and it was both doodled and kissed like the example they had, it looks like the same doodle on all of them but I still think it's pretty cool. 



I swear he signed like 500,000 things for this campaign already.

500,000 plus Rich, Newbury now also has the autographed CD   LOL


Got this vinyl from Electric Fetus in Minnesota. Pretty fun.


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