Is this real or fake?

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Not surprising, often an effective way to handle unhappy buyers to just not respond...

Send one again and say that you will contact paypal or your creditcard company (depending how you paid) to file a complaint in order to get your money back. If you really want to get him to listen, say that if you're not getting an answer you will report him to the police! He knowingly cheated you, that's a crime!

ok ty feels bad for him who buying it for 200 euro.

Any info about where this is offered for sale might help! If it's for sale on swedish Tradera (lots of seller there who upload fake after fake) or by any of the BS sellers on eBay that sells hundreds of signed jerseys I would 100% avoid this one!

i bought it from tradera for 79 euro.. i got certificate with the shirt!

Sorry to say, but then it's a fake...

Here's a thread I started 4 years ago when I still thought it would make any difference to contact Tradera and ask them to stop these scumbags. No I know they (like eBay) just care about the sale fees and doesn't care if the autographs are real or not! It will explain a lot to you:

Could you please let us know the alias of the seller? Maybe include a link to his Tradera page?

And maybe change the title of this thread to "Zlatan Ibrahimovic - fake bought on Tradera". That way this thread will show up if another potential buyer does a Google search before buying these fakes!

If you paid by paypal, contact them and demand a refund!

The sellers alias is: junglelanders

Did you read the thread I linked to? Junglelanders is one of sellers on Tradera that keeps on selling these fakes and that I described in the thread. And he/she knows that they're fakes, no doubt about it!

I would estimate that he/she had earned at least 100.000kr selling these over the years. It might be MUCH more, I stopped caring when Tradera didn't do a darn thing to stop this...

thx for everything i have send a mail to junglelanders now i w8 for reply

Ok, but there is no way he/she will say anything other than that they are 100% genuine and that we don't know what we're talking about...

Please keep us updated!
Well. Cheers for putting the info out there! Need to stop fakes like that! As I said up there. There were areas that put me off based on how I've seen him sign! It amazes me how people like that continue to do it.
Another one of these mass produced fakes just listed on Tradera:

Just sad...

i cant find Zlatans autograf :( have seach everywhere!



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